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Just a couple more pictures of the new Daewoo Tosca, with the Chevrolet version for the European market.
The side still reminds me of the Acura TSX.

Another nice looking Korean sedan. I still think it shouldn’t become a Suzuki in the US.
It would be wasted.

Too bad they killed Oldsmobile…

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  1. Hey Vince- Your right this car shouldn ot be wasted by giving it to Suzuki. I think this car would make a nice entry level Buick.

  2. Suzuki should go out of business…period. You know, they don’t exist in Canada. When other brands in Canada were dropped like Mercury, Asuna, Isuzu, Geo, somehow no one realized that it would be smart to drop Suzuki in the US too.

    Why do they need to exist? They bring nothing new to the table, ever. It should be folded into another brand, like it was in Canada. Suzuki’s product line could be pushed into Isuzu’s, and give both brands a new name, so that they seemed to make sense. Perhaps if they had a range of big and small SUVs, as well as some cars, people would buy Suzukis / Isuzus…and the General would profit.

  3. Did someone photochop the pic of the front? Considering the Daewoo badge on the trunk, and how the front grill looks a bit garbled in the image, I think it is a chevy grill pasted on.

  4. The front headlight treatment is nearly identical to the Suzuki SX4 due to debut next Spring or Summer.. so this will very likely be sold as a Suzuki in the US, replacing the current Verona.

  5. GM should sell this in the US as the Malibu..it looks better to me than the new/current Malibu.

    Only God can save GM.

  6. Considereing Suzuki is one of the few companies GM works with thats doing good I couldn’t see it sold as anything else in the US.

    Their sales have been rising almost every month and a car like this will look just fine in a Suzuki dealer next to their new models…

  7. Your right this car shouldn ot be wasted by giving it to Suzuki. Suzuki should go out of business…
    GM should sell this Daewoo in the US like a Saturn or saab.

  8. Looks like a Daewoo, because it is; sadly, with all the badge engineering it will destroy the goodwill of the makes it will be sold under. Down here, Holden may sell it as its mid-sized entrant, but stylistically it has none of the strength of the full-size Commodore sedan or the smaller Opel Astra-based models. (With some exceptions, Holden’s badge-engineered cars have not done well.)

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