Dodge Challenger Concept

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The Challenger concept will be presented in Detroit next month.
It is supposed to become production reality for 2008. Around the same time as the next Camaro.
Both cars seem to look very similar as well…

The Challenger is said to be based on the platform of the next Chrysler 300. And of course, using an Hemi engine.
I love retro design. I think the Thunderbird, New Beetle Mini etc.. have a huge presonality. But they all have their own designs, inspired by the original.
This Challenger just looks like a copy of the old one. There is nothing new, even inside.Still a good looking car, but it lacks something…
But at least, it looks so much better than the horrific Dodge Charger..

And I can’t wait to actually see in the streets, a Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, together again….

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………NO. Why don’t they just let the Mustang be king, it is going to be anyways.

  2. boy are the big 3 in trouble, this car is a beuty …….for the ’70’s. It’s obvious that they are scrambling and are grabbing at straws. Can you imagine the board meetings! “what do we do now?, I don’t know, let’s build the same cars from when we did well and maybe they will buy it”

  3. The car looks good, but it doesn’t strike me as much of an new car. Its essentially the old one just built with new technology, hidden under old metal. Its TOO retro and probably will probably peak quickly, and then sales will fall sharply.

  4. I’m not sure the production car will look just like this… I mean even though the hood is quite long, the car still must have impact absorbing bumpers on the front end … and that tiny one on the back will have to be brought out further too…

  5. Just my opinion here, but I never thought the original Challenger was so great when it was new and a rebirth of it is a yawn as is the new Mustang.

    Unless you must have an over-powered coupe (large car with lousy seating in back and long heavy doors), why bother with one of these antiquated relics?

    If you must have a coupe, the only ones with real style are G35 Infiniti, BMW 6 Series, or Mercedes.
    For quality at modest cost, the new Honda Civic coupe is a winner, too.

    Resurrecting old crap has limited appeal IMO.

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