Early Holiday treat!

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Why don’t you join myself and my roommate Phil in our favorite hang out:
The Buttbar in beautiful Van Nuys California.

This is where we relax after a hard day of being Hollywood Extras.
Where we always meet pretty girls.
As you can see on this clip, they love us there.

And be sure to “check you local listings” soon (well.. not right away…) for more on our exiting life in Hollywood, and our quest to take over the movie capital of the world.

So go ahead, click on the picture!

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  1. I see that in true Hollywood fashion you’ve gotten yourself a nose job-you’re on your way.
    Also digging Phil’s new MADtv hat-pop culture dawgs, that’s what you is!

  2. Hey how come you used to call yourself Phil, and your room mate used to be Vince, Now it’s the otherway around. Are you Vince or Phil?

  3. This video makes “Caligula” look like “Mulan”. It is a sordid catalog of repellent human behavior. It single-handedly disproves Intelligent Design.

    Outstanding! Let’s have more.

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