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But wait, this is just part of a design expo sponsored by the L.A Auto Show. So it’ll never exist…
I know…

But this is what the 21st Century motor home should look like.
A truely unique design inspired by both the GMC motorhomes from the 70’s and conceptual designer Syd Mead’s work.

Something like this would put families back on the road discovering America, instead of watching Nemo for the 50th time in the back seat of an SUV…

It’s time to make the motorhome cool again.

I think these 2 are inspirations for the new PAD design.
The 1976 GMC Palm Beach motorhome. And the work of the great Syd Mead.

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  1. Wow, a Syd Mead pic… dude! Nice, how the hell do you automatically catch the previous versions of so many things you show here? Like when you show a pic of brand X and then a pic of brand Z from 5 years prior and point out how the new one ripped off such and such design features from the previous brand Z? You are damn good Vince.

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