Hyundai HCD 9 Concept

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We only have this obscure illustration so far, but once Detroit opens we’ll know more.
Again, it is supposed to forsee an upcoming product. Maybe the next Tiburon. Right….

So many times before they’ve shown us really cool looking concept that never trnaslated into any of their product line.
Again, this looks really nice. It looks like one of these “4 door coupes” with suicide rear doors like the Mazda RX8.

Let’s hope they use some of it this time…

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  1. Looks pretty good, need to see more of it to tell for sure. One thing I definitely don’t like is the crazy side-window. Looks like the next Tiburon is going to be one hell of a great looking car.


  2. i say they should just produce the hcd-8 with rear wheel drive and a killer v-6,or a v-8 and watch the sales fly ! but im also sick of all there wondefull concepts showing future model design themes and it never pans out……..

  3. Can’t really tell if it’s going to be a great-looking concept, the illustration looks pretty nice though.

  4. Form the looks of it it may be a concept car for the next Tiburon. But I agree that most concepts are just that, concepts,. and while some of the design gets brought down to the production level, its rare that all of it does.

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