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The top picture is a detail of the new Aviator. Pretty much what everyone was expected.
The front looks much more like last year’s concept.

But the other picture… What is it?
It isn’t the new Zephyr.
I think it is the new Town Car replacement based on an AWD version of the Ford 500.
And that detail looks really nice.

A nice, modern looking, big American Luxury car, that isn’t afraid of being what it is….
That could be good for a change.

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  1. The second “teasing photo” shows a detail of a new, mid-size Lincoln luxury sedan, based on Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego body and mechanicals.

    This new Lincoln is due to replace the LS, not the Town Car.

  2. i just hope that they don’t screw up the backlights like they did on the Zephyr; those lights are way too big.

  3. lincoln is way behind in driving dynamics, and horsepower. but i think it is amazing how they have turned their cars around, the detailing is very nice, the interiors are good quality, well navigator and zephyr, but if cadillac had this type of attention to detail and improvement they would be taken much more serious they have the right platforms engines,and styling for the most part, the details and material quality just arent there

  4. half of it is making the cars look good. I think they are on the right path. They look good, if not very emotional and passionate to me. I really like the headlights in the first picture. The swoopy one doesn’t fit what Lincoln is going for in my opinion


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