Mercedes E Class

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Another illustration, this time the next E Class.
This one looks really nice and expensive.

Mercedes always works the same way, they redesign the S Class, then everything else looks the same but smaller..
Like sausages in a factory.

I still think it is overpriced. The current E starts at over $50 000, for a mid sized car.
You really have to love the brand, or the logo to pay so much more than the competiton and get a less reliable car than an Infiniti M or Lexus GS. All these cars drive very nice.

In the “old days”, Mercedes was making the best cars you could buy, but now they are still more expensive than the competition, and their reliability pretty much sucks. Like so many other products, they’ve been rilying on their past image for a long time.

But hey, everyone will recognize you drive a Mercedes.
I guess for some people who need that recognition, it is worth thousands…

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  1. Like I said about the C-Class yesterday Benz right now is riding on name brand equity. This car is not as nice as the current one, its too busy, and over styled. I prefer the current style E-Class, its much more classic.

    If it were my money, I would get either a 300/SRT8 (it drives as good minus the great interior) or an Infiniti M Sport Sedan.


  2. foolish comments, first how many brands with as feirce as competition is can afford to make it on their heritage, very few if any now a days. people love mercedes because of their styling, solid feel, well crafted interiors, and prestige. Why insult the mercedes driver…, i think it is so annoying reading all these internet blogs that down every brand but toyota and honda, a big honda isnt my idea of a luxury car, neither is four door 350z, with an as cheap interior, or a big toyota that drives like your dead in a tomb. Making good cars is more than just making a good car, but passion,quality, craftmanship…..not just im afraid to drive anything else but a japanese car wake up guys

  3. prestige yepo ! but merc is screwing up badly ! they used to pride themselve’s on all the money they spent on r & d, and how they spent so much money on parts to make them bulletproof and killer quality, and how they wanted there products to last forever, but the last 10 years or so the bean counters entered the picture and merc quality has gone down hill badly ever since ! it all became about dollars and not the best built and longest lasting cars !

  4. To the upset mercedes driver in the post before the post before this one: dude, you wake up! MBZ has been screwing up for a good minute now, and their cars are overpriced, simple. $40 grand doesn’t even give you real leather in most models and the plasticky interior is an eyesore and a disgrace to MBZ.. I am sure Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz have been turning in their graves for a looong time. The only thing MBZ has going for it right now is that ubiquitous AMG 5.5 V8…and they did not even come up with it…AMG did. So I have no mercy for MBZ. The Japs know what they sell, hence why it is relatively inexpensive. More power to the Japs. MBZ needs to wake up and make some real and exciting cars. no wonder no one is buying the SLR McLaren and they are already ‘freshning’ it up.

    Anyway…about the pic. I think this rendition is very nice, and xpensive looking. More along the lines of its competition. too bad it is just an illustration. The current E isn’t bad, but it is a tad boring. The Infiniti M is alright, but I think the interior lacks harmony. The winner to me is the Lexus GS. They need to continue the L Tuned/Sports Design deal thay had going with the last generation though, and produce some real speed demons. A GS L Tuned M5 rival would make a lot of bank.

  5. Most people who want a good car and don’t care about impressing other people would be better off with a top of the line Honda Accord and $10,000 in the bank than a C-Class Mercedes and the lousy service record Mercedes has earned in recent years.

  6. I agree … it does look like a Lexus.

    Ironic, in that more and more German cars are looking like Japanese cars.

    The tables have turned it seems.

  7. these responses just prove my point, for one impressing someone has nothing to do with buying a mercedes, and most people would be fine with a hyundai sonata if that were the case, a fully honda accord joke (no cheap plastics there despite the fake wood, low grade leather, and just a 16,000 car with a v6 and more options checked, think….please) and how many peole are buying the s2000, the sc430 anyone? i think ive got it these japanese companies sell to idiots that are afraid of anything else, or standing out to much, or seeming anything but dull. how foolish to think cars are freshened because they dont sell, mr. honda how many years does it take for a new accord, it is about a products life cycle. Perception really has people sold to put mercedes and honda in the same competition, or even lexus, or any of those other fake luxury brands that are bland copies of german cars, stiched and pulled over cheap platforms and engines. when you become mercedes or bmw material than discuss them otherwise stick with the idiotic people that worship japanese cars just because they are japanese and perception alone…wake up

  8. During my time at Penn State, I had the opportunity to experience a test drive in one of those pseudo-sporty courses that companies like Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Ford, etc. setup across the country. I remember shaking off my hangover that morning, so excited about test driving the new (at the time) C-Class Coupe & Sedan. The price was right, the interior was stylish (even with cloth, I like that avant garde Euro look), and a unique body…what’s not to like? What’s not to like is the absolutely unimpressive performance of the car. Nothing stood out – from ride, handling, road feel – that could not be bettered by its German AND Japanese competition. After graduation and receiving my first job offer, let me just say that I did not stop at a Merecedes dealership during my car search.

  9. Those who extol the virtues of the C-Class Mercedes over a Honda Accord are dreamers and wishful thinkers.

    Mercedes buyers are getting screwed and Honda Accord buyers are getting a good deal on a car that’s as competent for much less money.

    Mercedes buyers are pretentious suckers.

  10. Lets hope the first model year of this one doesn’t turn out to be a lemon like the 2003 model year did. There was at least one class action suit where mecedes was forced to buy back brand new 2003s and crush them.


  11. It’s interesting to me that Mercedes owners and lovers choose to bash Japanese cars instead of talking about how great MBs are built. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t MB owners attack MB for not producing cars that are expensive AND high in quality. If MB owners continue to accept lousy reliability in exchange for prestige then I feel bad for them.
    I’d consider ANY car brand that build reliable and exciting cars. It’s very tough to find that.

  12. Tell those motherfucker nazi cocksuckers skum that the Japanese are mopping them up them up left to right.

  13. man you have to be so stupid to compare a mercedes benz with a honda accord, american these days sure are stupid, for all i care buy a civic or a ford focus ^___^!!!

  14. One of the brand values of Mercedes was their solid, isolating feel. The car should feel substantial. The car should be solid. Period. Benzes arn’t so much about sporty driving, but they should obviously be competent there too. I think the huge draw is reliability and solidity.

    For those who bash Benz on their reliability, ITS ALL THE E-CLASS’ FAULT! The other cars (C, S, SLK, CLK, SL etc.) are reliable. Its just the E-Class and its derivitives (CLS, and CL I believe) that have been dragging down their overall reliability, along with the last generation M-class.

    Andrew: “The only thing MBZ has going for it right now is that ubiquitous AMG 5.5 V8…and they did not even come up with it…AMG did.”

    Actually, Mercedes did come up with it, its just a bigger version of their corporate 3 valve V8, found in the E500, S500, etc.


  15. I’m sure the Brazilian made C-class is SOOO much more reliable than the e-class lemon. Gime me a brake.

  16. how about a spell check first. how reliable were those honda passports, the first generation honda minivan hum? the toyota celica, and so on and so on. Every car line at some point has had its flaws, and mercedes just needs to work out its technical bugs, which is the problem with new technology, i keep hearing people say new reliability issues, they have been using the same engines for years. and no matter how much people wish their cars that cost thousands less than mercedes they just arent. which is why honda has acura, toyota has lexus, and nissan has infiniti.

  17. The reason Acura, Lexus and Infinity exist is because of american consumers like you that need some kind of cheche poopoo badge in order to make you feel better about buying a luxury car. In other markets its still called an Honda legend, Nissan Skyline and Toyota altezza. Would you buy an E-class with a Dodge Charger badge? Thats all it really is. Its the same damn car.

  18. I didn’t realize how stuck up mercedes fans really are. I guess it really was all down hill after the W124.

  19. OK. To Mr. Mercedes, many comments ago. First of all, I think there is no comparison between MBZ and Honda; 2 different markets/audiences. My references are strictly to the companies as car manufacturers. I have owned both MBZs and Hondas, and can tell you that MBZs are far superior to Hondas…but not anymore. Tachnology wise, Honda is right there with MBZ. To justify the extra money it charges, MBZ has to come up with gizmos that people think are cool. Then Honda copies them and perfects them, and that is their edge. MBZ simply needs to bring down its prices thats all. $50,000 a pop for an E class and then all that embrassment? It will never recover from it. Honda charges $40,000 for a top of the line Odyssey. Very expensive if you ask me, but one drive and you’ll see why. The same can’t be said for MBZ. That is why that 3 point star is in your view on the steering wheel and on the hood…it is to pacify you when you feel the need to complain! More to come…

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