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So the A2 is dead… But Audi still wants to have a smaller, and cheaper car than the A3.
This time around it might be in the form of a small 2 door coupe, instead of a tiny but roomy 4 door hatch, like the previous one was.
Who knows, we might even get it over here. If sales of the A3 aren’t doing too bad, that is…

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  1. I guess we’re all going to have to live with tiny windows now that DCX has created that trend. Glass companies, except those that make rear-view mirrors, should be worried.

  2. I don’t understand why the German car companies are so obsessed with cracking the small car market. Especially Audi, which already has the VW Golf for just that purpose. BMW has Mini for this reason, and DCX has Smart. They’ve been trying to do this successfully for years and I don’t get the effort…

  3. They have cracked the small market… the 1 series is selling v fast here. The mini isnt about “cracking the small car market”. It’s about continuing a ledgend.

  4. This look snice. I tihnk it would sell well in the States if priced right, say $25k and below. Very clean and well executed. AUDI are you listening?

  5. Audis are too expensive and are still cronically plagued with poor quality issues just like their sister VWs. All German cars are far behind all asian cars. Yes! all Asian cars, including Korea

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