New BMW 3 series Coupe

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These look real to me, but who knows.

The actual car would pretty much look like this anyway. No big surprises from BMW really. The coupe version of the 3 series always look like a 2 door version of the sedan. Never really original.
I think Honda just did a better job at making the Civic Coupe look different than the sedan.

And yes, I am again comparing a “premium” German brand with a more mundane Japanese one…

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  1. These better not be the actual photos, they look worse than the current one. Until I see the officials pics, I’ll just say these are good chops.

  2. It looks good, but not great. I like the 3-Series sedan thou. What I would rather see is a trunk in the style of the 6-Series but thats too “Controversal” for the tame, lame, and dumb, mostly American, market.

  3. Ooooof…. look at the ugly thick line between the bumper and the rear panel. That is unbelievable – on the side view it stands out like a scar! BMW have really regressed with this one.

  4. These look like the logical conclusin of what a coupe might look like. No surprises there. But man that thing is UGLY! I really hope BMW got a little more creative on the coupe. When should we expect the official release?

  5. I just saw a few infiniti G35 Coupes on the road a few minutes ago. And they still look light years ahead of this “future” BMW….

  6. lol you people are funny, i will agree these pics make the coupe rather ugly, but for shame to compare the likes of a civic to a “real car,” its kinda like a person at a self help class that continues tell themselves something and believe if they keep saying something enough times it will be true. hondas arent not in the same league with bmws, hence ACURA get over it, second with as cheap as the interior looks in the g35 coupe you would think its styling would be better, and modern, what seperates this from the early 90’s japanese sports cars nothing. but hey i guess the only way to have something nice is to close your eyes tell youreself that it is, and keep imagining, whats next is the avalon nicer than the maybach, is the accord nicer than the 5 series, oh and lets try this is the civic nicer than the tl, lol vince your a funny guy

  7. These are almost certainly good Photoshops. Spy photos and illustrations on other sites (including BMW oriented ones) have suggested that the rear will look considerably different from the sedan, more in line with what has been suggested for the future 7 series (for better or worse). The nose is supposed to be slightly different as well.

  8. To the guy who thinks Vince is a funny guy…dude or gal, what are you reading? All Mr. Burlap is saying is that Honda did a very good job at differentiating the Civic coupe from the sedan, which in the past, the coupes have simply been 2 door versions, like BMW has done with the 3 series in the past.

    Now, that is one UGLY car!!! I will say they are good chops at best. BMW will be a fool to build this. The picture in the link in the last coments look more promising.

    The comments about the G35 are accurate: nice exterior design, cheap interior. As much as the G35 is a good value, nothing beats the class and style of a 330Ci. And the M3 is just killer. I’ll take a cabrio with SMG and Nav in Carbon black and cinnamon leather.

  9. I think the gap in quality will close.
    The new BMW interiors look very cheap to me.
    The new 3 is horrible and flat. The next G35 will probablye much better inside than the currnet 3.
    In a little while, BMW and Mercedes will be surviving on their names alone.
    And maybe, that’s just enough.

    And it is ridiculous to say Hondas aren’t real cars.
    Every car is a real car.
    Get out in the world and drive,open your mind, or get a girlfriend. Whichever is easier for you…

  10. hyundai styling for a bmw? have you ever looked into a bmw quality rating? we all have the perception of it being a quality product, but it does not exist in this brand.

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