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More illustrations of what the next Mondeo could look like.
And they seem to agree with previous guesses. If the car looks anything close to this, it might be the last nail in the Passat’s coffin. And it’ll be even tougher to be happy about the Fusion/Milan…
(I still think Mercury should just be selling the European Ford line).
That is one stunning looking sedan. A true “4 door sports car”.

Nissan should take a clue from Ford when they rethink the next Maxima…

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  1. Wow, that’s a stunner!

    Why can’t Ford bring it to our shores?

    I see traces of the new Jaguar direction in this design.

    The redesigned S-Type may be along these lines from what I’ve gathered.

  2. Well, Ford seems to be milking the Mazda 6 pretty well. That’s OK because the Mazda 6 is a good car. Seems to me that it makes more sense to just buy a Mazda which is likely to be better than any crappy Ford derived from it.

  3. that thing is nice it makes the mazda 6 look cheap and boring. Why is it that ford can produce cars like this for europe but not for us, look how detailed even the lines are, if it didnt say ford on the front you would think it was a car to compete with cars like the tl, 3 series, cts, etc., this would have been nice for a new x type

  4. Ford Sucks!

    They’ll never bring this car to our shores. They should be selling it here as a Mercury.

  5. Well, the wagon looks alot like the BMW 3-series wagon and in fact the side look is almost a complete copy in my tastes. I probably will go with you guys asking why Ford cant bring it to North American shores, I guess because of the price of the trading market has gone up.

  6. I hear the trading/exchange rate excuse all the time.
    That’s the one they give us to explain why we can’t get the new Focus in the US.
    How does VW sell cars over here then?
    Jetta starts at around $18000!
    And about the others? The Mazda3? Etc…
    How come these cars aren’t $10 000 higher over here ?

    As a Mercury, this Ford could be a bit more expensive than the Fusion, that would bring Mercury upmarket. A good thing…

  7. Doesn’t anybody remember the Merkur? The Scorpio? The Ford Capri? All European Fords brought here, some sold by Mercury, others by Ford.There were others before, I’m sure, but none sold well. Ford has learned from its past failures.Why they didn’t do well is something I don’t know.

  8. Just because it hasn’t worked in the past doesn’t mean it can’t work now. American taste are changing rapidly, look at sales of SUVs/Minivans/Big Trucks tanking badly. What are they buying? Crossovers and cars. What is Ford Europe good at making? Yepper cars both mid and small size. Now is the time to make Mercury the outlet for European Fords.

  9. I have to disagree with you guys about Mercury selling Euro Fords. i like the direction Mercury is going. All they need is a nice GT coupe and a sharp convertible.

    I do agree that Ford needs to bring its Euro line to America though. With this new Mondeo, there was no need for the 500. It seems to me Ford could save money by selling the same cars in both continents, especially since a good sedan has been Ford’s weakness for a long time running. Also, as stated in the last comment, because Euro Fords in the past didnt sell then doesnt meant it will not sell now. And why didnt they sell? the nmae for starters. Try saying Merkur without half-way choking!

  10. this is the most beautiful sedan ever. If they install mazda quality, a car like this on the market soon can save Ford!

  11. Ford DID sell the Mondeo here. It was called the Contour/Mystique. Americans were just too stupid to realize how good of a car it was. They’d rather have big squishy seats and eleventy billion cupholders.

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