New Nissan Sentra ???

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Could the new Nisssan Bluebird become our new Sentra.

The old Bluebird used to be the Altima. Now the Altima is too big for non US markets.
So this new smaller Nissan could very well be the new Sentra.
It almost looks good enough to be a small Infiniti.

What do you think, new Sentra or not???
Or maybe a smaller Altima, to make more room for the Maxima???

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  1. i dont like the back…it looks weird…they should make the sentra a bit sporty. to go against the new civic and corolla.

  2. very possible it’s the next sentra.

    seems like everyboydy’s trying to take their smaller cars somewhat upscale nowadays, as well as increasing their size, thinking that the consumer will grow with the nameplate.

    i.e.; vw w/ the new jetta, honda w/ the new civic.

    and there’s already rumours of both of these companies bringing in smaller cars to replace the hole in their lineup, i.e.; the fit, the polo.

    and really – these cars(the fit + polo) pretty much represent what the civic/jetta(+golf, by platform sharing) were just over 10 years ago – basic, somewhat sporty, economical transportation for the common (wo)man.

    anyways, we already have confirmation that we will get the versa here to slot below the new sentra, so it seems logical that they are trying to take the name up half a class or so…

    i’m just not sure the sentra has the name recognition to pull it off that it used to – i mean, the last gen was a bit of a bore(except the se-r)…

    i wonder if we’ll ever see a 2 door sentra again?…how about a 200sx revived as a scion tc fighter?

    should be interesting to see how all this plays out, and whether these brands can convince their buyers to grow w/ the brand.

    honda seems to be pulling it off, but it seems as though the jetta has been a slow seller. i think generic styling/boring base engine is to blame for the jetta so far…

    i, myself tho, can’t wait for the new gti to land on dealer lots in february!

  3. Hey vince!!
    I saw this driving in the detroit area.. and that is the NEW sentra.. it had manufacturer plates, and looked like it didn’t have enough power to keep up with the minivans and suv’s! Plus it looked like the suspension was bouncing a lot and the road was pretty smooth.. was I impressed? naw, kinda bored.. but your pics are true, that’s the new Sentra!

  4. Didn’t they delay the new sentra because it was getting such a bad reception with focus groups? Um….go back to the drawing board again, that thing looks weird.

  5. The center console is a bit high IMO. The instrument pod is oddly shaped too. It isn’t an ugly interior, just a bit off IMO.

    The exterior is fairly nice IMO. The front clip is great looking. The rear IS a little weird but I could get used to it, if I was going to consider buying one.

  6. So how do you spell “ugly”?


    OK, maybe not ugly in the purest sense of the word, but this new Sentra is hardly attractive, inside and out.

  7. That’s not the sentra. The actual sentra is a shrunken Maxima with the rear 3/4 looking like a mazda 3. the car is HOT!

  8. I’m not feeling it. The interior is nice, but I want to see something sportier and more youthful in an entry(ish) level car. As for the outside, its very boring, and slightly derivitive. The back reminds me of the Lexus IS, and the front headlights are reminiscent of melted headlights from the facelifted 996 911


  9. This is very well the next Sentra but as the previous generation the Bluebird which the Sentra is based on is only a jazzed-up luxury compact car so this is likely to be the next Sentra. I wonder where Renault stylists went?

  10. Erase the front styling and interior trimmings and you possibly could get the next generation Nissan Sentra. In Japan Infinitis are badged as Nissans which explain the front end that looks like an Infinti (possibly a sports compact car if it came to North America as the Infiniti name)

  11. I am telling you that this is NOT the new Sentra, once again, It looks like a small Maxima. Don’t worry you will love it!

  12. i don’t know what drugs you are on.. you people who say it isn’t the sentra.. it is the sentra.. i have ALREADY seen this in detroit! driving around as a test vehicle!! so yes it IS the sentra

  13. speaking of drugs, if you have seen this on the road in North America, pass it over! In test salons in Canada, I have been in and looked at the new Sentra. This car is the european/japanese version, not ours!

  14. Who cares who owns the picture, we are dicussing the product, leave vince alone and relax it’s Chritmas. Smile and take it eassssy!

  15. I have seen cars beeing tested that weren’t sold in the US. So if you’ve actually seen that car in Detroit, it still doesn’t mean it will be sold in the US.
    One of you claims he has seen the actual thing, how??

  16. Cars are often photographed in San Francisco even though those cars aren’t sold in the U.S.

    Several years ago, I saw a Neon with a Chrysler grille and logo on it–not Dodge or Plymouth (which was still in production at the time).

    Also saw both Honda and Nissan vans in photo shoots here and neither vehicle is for the U.S. market.

    Seems that cars look better when photographed with San Francisco in the background or maybe a local ad agency is doing the work.

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