New VW Scirocco

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Another illustration from Europe.
Lots of people are trying to guess what this will look like. Of course it will be based on the Golf.
So expect similar engines.
But with the death in Europe and the US of the Celica, it doesn’t look like great timing for small sporty coupes.
Or is it?
A new small Mazda coupe is coming out soon. So maybe…

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  1. Hmmm…………Okay, it’s not bad, but it looks too much to me like the old Corrado. The styling of that car was not exactly stunning in its day.

  2. I loved the old corrado… It looked mean and powerful… and it got such nice Recaro seats…

    The scirocco styling never worked out for me though…

    I’d buy a new Corrado tomorrow.

  3. Corrodo, Scirocco…what’s was the difference other than a name? They were both driver-oriented, fun cars. I say bring it back and worry about the looks later.

  4. Actually, can someone tell me what the difference is between the Scirocco and Corrado? Vince – some photos maybe?

    In the meantime, everyone – have a very good New Year! Vince, thanks for another great year of car news and updates.

  5. Call me jaded, but, won’t the Scirocco just be a smaller Golf?

    To that I hope the answer is YES. Finally, a small car that isn’t practical, yet affordable.


  6. That looks really nice, its like alfa romeo designed it. This will sell well in europe and i think it will be recieved much better than the new golf.

  7. It is not fair to call the new Scirocco a VW. Underneath all the sheetmetal is an Audi TT. Oops, another variant of the Golf……nevermind

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