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The current Touran came out in 2003. So this German illustration seems a bit early, at best. (unless it is their upcoming small SUV)
Touran is a small van type car based on the Golf. Like the Renault Scenic is based on the Megane.
But the VW is one of the most boring design out there.
I hope the next one tries a bit harder to be somewhat attractive…

If sold here, it would compete with the Mazda5.
I am not sure about the sell figures of the small Mazda van, but I must say I have seen only one on the road since it came out…

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  1. Vince, you haven’t seen any Mazda5’s because they brought over so few of them last year (5000 I think?). With the incredibably good press they’ve received (CR, NYT etc) this next year will see alot more imported and on the road. Too bad, I enjoy driving my Exclusive 5.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 5.
    But usually, around L.A, we see tons of whatever just comes out. Especially imports.
    So I was just wondering. Still 5000 is a pretty good number for a short year.
    Isn’t the Acura TSX supposed to be around the same number?

  3. I rented a Touran 1.6 FSI 6 speed manual in the summer of 03 in Munich. Covered 1400 miles in 2 weeks through 6 countries in it. It might look boring from from the outside but its incredibly comfortable and practical on the inside for 4 people with luggage. It also handles like a Golf. Its a very good car. We averaged 35mpg for the trip. I would buy one in a heart beat if it ever came to the states.

  4. NOt bad. The Mazda5 is very mod, and I imagine more will be sold. This will sell in the States too…but I dont know, a microvan just seems too ‘I want to be a mommy’ish. Sensible people mover though…

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