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During the year 2006, the E class will get one of these minor and useless facelifts that Mercedes does so well.
Changing the rear light colors, adding skirts on the side of the car etc…
That will be good for a couple of more years.

These illustrations show us what we might get after that.
At least, they are great looking. The CLS has proven very popular, and I think Mercedes realizes that a great design does sell cars.
Maybe, they will then also appeal to the non snobs. The ones who truely want to best car for the money. People who actually want more than a badge.
A welcome change from what they’ve offered in the past few years…

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  1. lol, did u want a mercedes and couldnt afford one, why do u hate real luxury cars. but anyway mercedes is mercedes and always has been they arent about the cheapest cars, or the best value for the money (acura, infiniti do that) but they are high quality, prestige, nice looking cars that perform excellent is not always better than the cars they compete with. I drive a bmw, but i think it is crazy constantly seeing anything that isnt japanese being bashed in here, especially european cars. These are more exspensive for a reason the tl is cheaper than the 3 series because it is based on the accord, uses the same engine and honda produces alot of accords, while the 3 series is on its own platform with often more exspensive materials. not to say the tl is cheap it is my favorite car from acura, but comeon acura represents value every car company wasnt desighned to do that.

  2. that new ass on the E class looks like a mclaren/Sl class mix and i like it alot more than the current butt on the car, well done. and the cls wagon ? why bother no one buys the current E class wagon cause its was too expensive compared to a ml class suv thats bigger and has more usuable space for people and cargo.

  3. Thats one of the nicest chops i have ever seen of a car. That thing is brilliant and it really does seem like it could be produced. This design follows int he footsteps of the CLS which is one of the nicest looking cars out there on the road.

  4. No.. I do not whish I could afford a Mercedes. I think many people can. Thanks to their cheap leases.

    But I just don’t think they are what they used to be, and what they pretend to be now.
    I am not bashing them. They are great for people who love them. But I think, a lot of these people just own them because of the brand name. Not the actual car.

    I also think they got caught off guard when the 1st Lexus LS came out. ( even thought they denied Lexus to be a competition).
    They have been trying ever since to produce their cars in a more efficient manner, which is leading them to poor reliability records.

    They have a golden reputation because there were the best cars.
    But for most people, they aren’t anymore.
    It is not a question of “can you afford one”.
    I just wouldn’t put $55 000 in an E class.

    But I’m not like most people. As I said before, I don’t care who makes the car. I have no prejudgement about any brands.
    I just want the best car for the money I spend. Whether it is $13 000 or $70 000.

    I understand most people do care about the brand, and it does clouds their judgement…

  5. Mercedes owners really need to get off their high horse. I’d take ANY Lexus over any Mercedes anyday. To me, when I see someone driving a Lexus I feel they are smart buyers. When I see someone in a Benz, I just think it’s kinda funny. Especially when people in a C-class are driving around thinking they’re the sh-t. I feel smarter than them in my 04 Camry. But that’s just me.

  6. Veeeeeerrrry nice. I totally agree with the earlier McLaren referrence and it’s a good thing.

    I absolutely adore the CLS. It is art on wheels and I just need to know who I have to kill to get one. Making the E look like the CLS is a common sence and good move on Mercedes part.

    Perhaps, if residuals are high enough, I’ll be able to afford on on a lease, but that is still two years off when my Murano’s lease ends.

  7. I think it looks pretty good. But if both the C and E classes are going to look like the CLS, does that mean that the 2nd Gen CLS is going to be a no show?

    These pictures look good, but they look very derivitive. The sedan is an E with a SL trunk, and the wagon is very R-Class to me. Not bad, just that I’d rather see blockier old school Mercedes back.

  8. Very well said Vince.
    TL is based on the Accord, but that does not mean it is a bad car. If you are driving a BMW and like it, very well. Remember, just because they are European cars do not mean they are better cars. Of course, if you read too much Car and Driver you tend to think BMW is the king of all cars.

  9. Car and Driver (and the others) love BMWs because they make so much money from them.

    Do you know that a few years ago, BMW introduced one of their M cars (the 3 or 5, I can’t remember) in Spain. They invited all press members worldwide to the introduction, all expenses paid for a whole week in a luxury resort!
    Do you really think these guys are going to write anything bad about these cars???
    I got this from some of these guys who were there…

    Most of the big magazine guys live for that kind of stuff. they can’t wait for the next Auto Show ( you should see the free food and full bars at the European auto shows!) or the next car introduction.
    They are basically paid off.
    You will never have an honest point of view from car magazines.

    Just drive the cars for yourself! Test drive or rent one. And compare.
    That’s the only way….

  10. Quality problems fixed yet? If this was the all new Chrysler Pacifica we would all hate it! Don’t be sheep!

  11. Mercedes was caught off guard by LS400? Yes I totally agree. I still see quite a few LS400 (with dents and scratches) from the early 90s on the road. I have two family friends who bought them new in 1991 and they are still kicking.

    How many German cars built in early 1990s do I see on the road? Almost zip. If there are any, it’s usually well maintained S-class from the early 90s. (The last cool Mercedes in my opinion)

    And for those of you waiting for the German cars to catch up to Japanese (or Korean) in reliability, it’s never going to happen. Never. And it’s not the labor cost that is to blame when a lot of these cars are now made in Mexico, US, and Eastern European countries.

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