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The Nissan Teana is due for a few changes next year.
As you can see, the front end includes a new grille and bumper.
Not that much.The interior is almost the same, with new door handles design.

But Nissan is revising the Maxima for 2007 to be more luxurious and compete better with the Avalon. And I think some of the Teana’s new features might just end up in our good old Maxima.
The new Teana grille looks pretty close to the 2007 Maxima spy shots I’ve seen so far, for exemple…

We’ll see…

Here is the current Teana.
I think if their goal is to compete with the Avalon, they should just bring this car over here.

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  1. Why does Nissan insist on competing with the Avalon? I know they are both in the same class of cars, but, Nissan is supposed to be more sporty than all its competitors, no? Plus, its hard to out-lux Toyota/Lexus when they’re trying.


  2. Well, competing with the Avalon would be Nissan’s dream and if the Maxima would be better than the Avalon then sales would have been better.

  3. I think its pronounced Tee-anna. it should be called Ugly though. Nissan is on the fast track to bankruptcy. First, cheap, very cheap interiors, then horrible designs? WOW. You’d think they’d learn from GM. Liek Phafanapolis said, the Max is supposed to be sporty and you can’t beat Toyota’s interior lux appointments. I was really lloking forward to a nice, sporty 4 door Max, now that I can afford one. The 02/03 model is still more desirable than the current, and the future looks bleak!

  4. Yes, Nissan is the company to watch. Proportionally speaking, it is growing faster than Toyota as a percentage. Anyway, Nissan is not out to build another Japanese Buick A.K.A the Avalon or Avon as some say ,seeing as Avon salespeople may be seen driving them. Anyway, this is not the new Maxima.

  5. The only reason why Nissan is making ‘more’ money right now is because of the Armada and Titan, which they did not have before. The Altima helped too. But Nissan will never catch Toyota, NEVER. The quality Toyota puts out there plus the resale value, it is hard to beat. If the next Maxima is better looking than these pictures, then Nissan will make even more money. It really needs to adress the cheapness issue though, like it did with the Infiniti with the M.

    Contrary to popular belief, this new Avalon is not like the previous model.. Stats show more younger people are buying it too. A lot more. 280hp (2005 model) is hard to ignore, and the packaging is undenaiby nice. I will wait for the Max, but so far, my money os on the ’05 Avalon Touring.

    Where is Honda in all of this? A big Honda will do well…that’s what the current RL should have been, and a bigger Acura with a V8 should ahve been the new RL.

  6. Hey, your an obvious Toyota employee, got it right didn’t I. Anyway, sit in a Murano and see what Nissan is capable of. Also,Toyota has the Sequoia and Tundra so it’s fair that Nissan’s #’s include these. It’s not Nissan’s fault that these particular Toyota’s don’t sell. Anyway, Nissan WILL beat Toyota because car for car everything they make is better than Toyota, especially in Quality. That’s an overused and underdelivered term at Toyota. Engine Sludge problems don’t exist at Nissan, Honda and Mazda!!!!

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