Nissan Urge Concept

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I am usually not crazy about concept that have no chances of ever turning into a production car.
But this one is pretty cool. Very modern, but still a few retro touches like a T top roof, and a look that reminds me of the Lotus the “Prisoner” was driving back in the 60’s.
This would make a great “cheap” new Nissan.

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  1. i agree kinda looks like that lotus they made with out the top and the wheels exposed i forget the name, but it was a recent one, i would buy one, and with the success of the solstice maybe a car like this would sell

  2. I don’t like when people call the Solstice a “sucess”. I think the alure of the car is more for the fact that there has been nothing like it A) for years and B) its the absolute most exciting product from GM anywhere below $40,000.

    However, this thing is AWSOME. I personally would like to see a more conventional looking one, with full size doors, and less obnoxious paint scheme, but the car looks pretty great. Its tiny / relatively light.
    The XBOX is just there for kicks, which, for once, I like.


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