Nissan X-Trail

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The X trail is due to get a new front end design. Again…
The small Nissan SUV came out in Europe in 2001. And the front end was changed for the end of 2002. With the addition of the Altima’s 2.5 Liter engine.
This time, it looks like thay want to make it look less”trucky”…
But a replacement is also due pretty soon, a small SUV shared with Renault.

And this time, we are supposed to get it in the US…

Here is a current 2005 model.

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  1. That’s the x-trail for the middle east that is already on sale there. The X-trail is all -new in spring ’07

  2. The model shown is sold in taiwan for years now, taiwanese models sometimes differ from japanese originals.

    The picture under it show a Canadian X-trail with side markers.

    I doubt this is a facelifted euro-spec X-trail.


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