Toyota Supra ?

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Just another Japanese illustration of what a new Supra could look like.

For years now, people have been trying to guess the next Supra.
It’s not even sure that Toyota wants a new Supra…
So it might actually be the new Celica. If there is one. The current one is still sold in Japan.

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  1. It looks too big to be a Celica, in the traditional sense. Unless they remake the next generation Celica as more Supra and 350Z than compact “Sport Tuner”.

    Anyway, I thought the Celica was dead, replaced, essentially, by the Scion tC (tC = Toyota Celica)

    I don’t like the styling.

  2. no that car thet has been spotted doing testing is the production version of the “LF-A” (both Coupe and cab)

  3. My friend’s dad works for Toyota, and my friend said that they are building a Supra with 500hp supposedly….i don’t know if he is confusing this with the Lexus 500hp car

    i wish i got more details

  4. You know, Lexus talked about an NSX fighting sports car for a while. So did Infiniti, and it looks like the next Skyline is coming to the States as an Infiniti. I think Toyota should bring back the Supra, considering how well the 350Z is doing and the advent of the Charger and Camaro. The trick is to keep it around $30K. Wonder if Honda will join the party, and if Mitsubishi will revive the 3000GT…maybe a twin to the Charger sans the retro design. I am getting goose bumps just thinking about a full aray of affordable sports cars…both Japanese and American.

  5. Didn’t quite understand the last post…the link shows a sports car with a strong resemblance to the G35 coupe…
    But then, it could be the next Celica to be the 350Z fighter? Maybe it is the next Supra, and the red Toyota in the picture is the Lexus, since it kinda looks exotic…time will tell…

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