Toyota Yaris 1.8 Liter

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Toyota is getting a more powerful version of the small Yaris ready soon.
The 1.8 Liter puts out between 130 and 180hp in the US. Quite a jump from the small 1.5 Liter.

But this little Yaris won’t make it here. It is mostly for Europe and Japan. And maybe, just maybe, we can only hope it could make it in Canada. where small hatchbacks are much more popular than over here…

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  1. If you leave out the i in Yaris, it’s Yars! That’s a better name. Was this one already in a crash test, the front seems crushed

  2. I’m going to call B.S. on America NOT getting the more powerful engine. Usually, the United States is the only place that gets the more powerful engine. Also, a 100hp/liter engine in a subcompact seems unlikely, especially from Toyota.


  3. it wont be out for at least a year or so.

    I just took delivery of my 1.5 RS Yaris last night. so far its been a great car, quality wise, nothing in that segment can compare it. I cant wait to see the 1.8L version, there would be high chance i’ll trade my 1.5RS in lol

  4. Toyota is going to make a hybrid Yaris to take on the VW Polo hybrid and Hyundai Accent Hybrid. We’ve/I have the first ever pictures but they won’t be up as soon as you want them to be. Probably the end of January.

  5. I live in the US and supermini’s are over most American’s heads. They truly are a bigger is better society. Land barge Camry’s are everywhere and seem small to most of them. I would love a 1.8 Yaris. I find the new body more attractive than the old one. In the US they are only going to have the 3 door and a baby Camry look alike 4 door. I think the reason the 1.8 will not come to the US is price. They would rather pay for a used land barge then buy a small car at a higher price.

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