Volvo C30

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These are the real thing.
The “concept” that will be shown at the Detroit show next month.
It is pretty much the same as the actual production car that is scheduled to debut at the Paris auto show in September 2006.
And that also means the car will only be on sale in the US in 2007. Over a year from now!
Maybe that’s because they are waiting for a 5 door to be ready?

As you can see, the interior is pretty much the same as the S40. I think it actually works better here, in a 2 door car. The S40 back seat is pretty much useless for most adults anyway.
And the interior is nice for about $25 000. But the S40 goes way past that with options. And the new C70, with the same interior, will go way past $40 000.

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  1. Very nice. It wears the current Volov design philosphy well. I’m still loving the slim-line center stack. I don’t think I could get tired of that.

    What I don’t like is the gold ground effects (obviously changed for production), and the giant sliding glass like rear hatch isn’t cool. Yeah, it aides in visibilty, but its not stylish. Lastly, from the window shape, and general shape of the car, it reminds me of the Golf V.


  2. I kinda like it. I’m not in the market for something like that but if I were, I would certainly consider it.

  3. I like the car very much as it is a very functional hatchback vechicle…. However, the interior does NOT excite me…..thus I would not consider this car at all. I will probably stay with the Mini Cooper as one of my choices for a functional hatchback vehicle in the future..

  4. That is the S40/V50 interior, I doubt that they will not evolve somewhat in the new product?

    Hopefully, that spoiler thing on the back comes off!

  5. i have an s40 t5 with the exact same interior. and it is impressive, incredible, and great to be in. the people who ride in my car say the same.

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