2007 Acura RDX

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They still label this a concept, but this is pretty much the production car we’ll get soon.

And what a dissapointment. It is just different enough from last year’s concept to become just one of these super boring designs Honda’s been famous for.
I hear it might be close to $30 000. And it just doesn’t look like it.
It seems like any other SUV on the market looks better that this. And it’s not even out yet.
Save your money and wait for next year’s CRV.

I am sure It’ll be a great car to drive and live with. It just need to be designed, not just drawn…

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  1. Well I don’t know about that. I think most cars look ugly in gray and interiors look boring in black…hopefully different colors might make it look better.


  2. Just as some question buying a Lincoln Zephyr that’s essentially the same car as the Ford Fusion, why would anyone be crazy enough to drop 30 grand on what is nothing more than a tarted up (and uglified) Honda CRV? With a 4 cyl no less? It’s pretty pathetic to think someone needs an Acura that bad.

  3. This is not a CRV. Its on the Acura TSX/ Euro Accord platform.

    IT looks great. just like concept interior/exterior

  4. I think the exterior is a bit bland, in the picture, but I think Acura is once again on the mark with it’s interior styling.

  5. This car is vomit worthy. The Lincolns coming out are much better.

    Here’s what happening. The American car brands know that if they don’t perform they will DIE. So they are coming out with REALLY GOOD PRODUCTS.

    The Asian brands, MOSTLY HONDA, are riding on a facade…That their cars are just ALWAYS going to be better. I’m sorry, but no thank you. Hondas and Acuras are a step below every thing else for the money, and that is a fact.

    Considering how much car you can get from Hyundai or Ford or Lincoln or Cadillac for the same prices or less compared with their Honda Acura counterparts, I don’t understand why anyone would buy one. It’s just a reputation. People will start to catch on soon, though.

    Toyota realizes that they can’t live off of hype. Honda doesn’t. Nissan doesn’t. Watch and see Hyundai rise, while Ford and GM make a comeback. Those gains aren’t going to come out of anybody else but Honda and Nissan. Watch!!!

  6. what happen to the cool concept, and im reading someone say why buy this if its just a crv , why buy any acura for that matter, tsx-accord tl-accord, rsx-civic, just cheap cars slightly restyled, in the case of the tsx just rebadged and sold at high prices

  7. I agree with the previous comment!!!! People are buying X3s aren’t they, especially when there’s the better 3 series wagon!!!! People WANT LUXURY and STATUS!!!!

  8. Looks like Mitsu Outlander body with disfigured Honda Civic 2 door front, doesnt it?

    Who signed off on this?

  9. the interior is good, not amazing, but good, its a rational evolution of the TL and TSX interiors.

    I’d rather see the outside of either of the other two RDX concepts. This makes it what, the THIRD RDX concept?

  10. I’m loving that interior but definitely NOT feeling that exterior.

    What the HELL happended here!



    dont get me wrong, i love my domestics, but credit should be given where credit is due, the japanese brands aren’t living off of just hype, im sure hype stemmed off alot of postive feedback, meaning, returning and satisfied customers, if Hondas/Acuras, Toyotas etc. had such boring designs, gee, i wonder why they sell so well, there looks aren’t made to offend, they follow classic conservative styling, that sells well obviously, fit n finish you ask??? top notch, reliability trackrecord? of course nobodys perfect, but the highest rated, bang for the buck and technology? gee, when was the last time you’ve seenm for example, a domestic with a 3.0 v6 pushing 250 HP, NOPE, there using old school tech short cutting it with huge gas guzzling 3.5-3.8 L and turbos n superchargers to achieve that, so stop hating…

  12. I disagree GM and Ford making gains from Honda. Those Honda people are pretty loyal to their brand. People with their Accords, Civics, and Odysseys aren’t going to get Impalas, Cobalt, or Freestar.

  13. Everything my simple little friends works on a cycle. It’s the way of the history of the world. Toyota has had it’s day, already peaked, done. Now watch Nissan go and grow. All of this market will come from Toyota’s lack of keeping their product fresh for young buyers. Honda is simply lost. Nissan …. Watch!

  14. The RDX is not just a hyped up CR-V. It will have SH-AWD, Bluetooth capability, a turbo 4 producing 240hp and 260lb-ft of torque.

    Honda maybe all hype, but they earned that status along with Toyota. GM and Ford are dying, look at em closing down factory after factory. Meanwhile, Toyota is christening its new factories.

    It’s the end of American domination in the automotive world.

  15. Zzzzz… Who would have thought that Buick and Lincoln SUV/CUVs would be more desirable than Honda/Acuras.

  16. The exterior is looking dated already. It’s got proportions like the Civic wagon from 20 years ago but with body kit that Pontiac’s thrown out. AWFUL!

  17. Bad bad bad. The body looks like a matrix/vibe with a acura front put on in a bad way. The interior is like way too many autos, toooooooo busy.

  18. Let me correct all of you FOOLS once again….



    Learn how to do your research before stating shit you have no idea of cuse you’re just speculating.

  19. To those saying how much better GM is, you obviously haven’t been left stranded with your transmission sitting under your car. You apparently haven’t read why consumer reports doesen’t reccommend most of its cars (due to poor resale value and reliably bad reliability!)

    Also, those mentioning how Chevys are better than Hondas, I laugh at you. Anyone who can drive, or just SEE, can look at the giant panel gaps in the Trailblazer and know that the quality that used to come with GM is no longer there. They tend to aim at the CURRENT best in class when they start designing a car, unfortunately, by the time their cars are ready for release, the rest of the Auto industry has moved on.

  20. All of these SUV variants are tall station wagons or boxes and how beautiful can they be? If they’re too sleek, they won’t hold much and rear visibility will suffer from thick posts and tiny windows.
    The Acura will be a class act and anyone who thinks the new vehicles from Ford will be better is dreaming.
    Cars from Honda and Toyota aren’t hype at all–those companies earned their reputations by building superior cars in the past and they’re STILL better currently.

  21. to the idiot complaining that it is on the same platform as the tsx(its an ACCORD!! WITH A 4 CYLINDER PLEASE…) the rdx is on the crv platform, it also on the same platform as the civic, and rsx, oh how prestigious and luxurious, acuras are jokes….

  22. The interior looks fantasic. Shame about the outside, tho. It’s doesn’t look like anything special at all. IMHO, it’s plain ugly.

  23. your the idiot, i was saying how pitiful it is for a honda accord with a freakin 4cylinder being called an acura, it isnt a luxury car it is an economy car with chorme, and as far as im concerned you are the perfect acura driver a classless idiot, that just wants something anything that saids they are better than what they are. save the explitives, u honda guys are funny, and as classy and prestigious as the cars themselves

  24. Well, one thing’s for sure: this little trucklet has got a lot of people talking!

    It still looks ugly and dated.

  25. Funny thing is, only IDIOTS would think this is on the CR-V platform. Apparently, soem people can’t read press releases…

    And besides, I’m guessing that those who badmouth Acuras probably can’t afford them…even the nasty, unluxurious RSX – the only unluxurious Acura.

  26. actually those who complain about “hondas in drag,” drive real luxury cars, and by the way acura is a VALUE brand my 330 costs how much more than a rsx, tsx, tl, and mdx, u just proved my point lol, anything to make u feel better than what u are, lol cant afford a 20 thousand dollar accord, a civic in the teens a pilot in the thirties, and a tl that fully loaded is well under 40 such a joke, acuras are certainly made for people like you, fake luxury cars for fake classless idiots, and on this crv note, go to edmunds, and every other mag site they say crv, hell it looks like a crv, the x3 is the worst thing bmw has and it miles ahead this crv in acura clothing…and as far as u when u grow up past the explitives, and saying foolish things like (cant afford an acura please) and by the way u can by the 330 for the price of an rl at the huge discounts dealers are giving on them, than speak otherwise keep your cheap honda driving words to yourself, idiot

  27. Since when does price constitute luxury? I could sell my feces for $100,000 yet that doesn’t make it a luxury item.

  28. I don’t see how Acuras are a joke. Compared to their Honda counterparts, the following are different:

    -no shared body panels AT ALL
    -more horsepower and torque
    -more satin chrome
    -more leather
    -better-looking LED gauges
    -more LED ambient lights
    -larger wheels
    -higher grade of leather
    -better audio systems
    -HID headlamps
    -Active Front lighting System
    -standard XM radio
    -larger navigation screens
    -more navigation features
    -keyless ignition

    If you sit in and drive an Acura TL, you’d be hard-pressed to think that it’s on the same Global Midsize Platform as the Honda Accord.

  29. I agree that the exterior is kinda bland, but I think Acura has a winner. When you really think about it, its only competitor in the luxury segment is X3, and its interior is 10x better than X3. I think it will take lexus about two more years to come out with a smaller SUV that will be based on the RAV4 platform.

  30. Acura should listen carefully to the people and modify this second concept to look more like the original that debuted last year.

    I’m sure it’s a fantastic vehicle, but it’s down right ugly compared to what we saw originally. They totally changed it to battle BMW’s X3.

    Let’s hope they take the hint and change the ugliness before the summer, much the same way they changed the Accord Sedans ugly tail lights & rear end.

    Let’s hope they take the hint and change the ugliness before the summer, much the same way they changed the Accord Sedans horric tail lights & rear end.

  31. GM is a dying carcass! Ford is in panic mode because of this. People don’t have the time or patience to deal with the crap the domestics are pumping out anymore. Toyota should not appologize for its success, they should put the big three out of their misery!

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  35. I usually read other people’s comments, but this time as long time Acura Lover I had to Answer some of these guys who don’t seem to know anything about their cars or maybe they just begin to read some magazines.
    As I said before I am a long time Acura lover; Therefore, it’s only faire that I start pointing the finger myself. First I have to say the only thing impressive about this car in term of look is the rear. Awesome when you think of the BMW X3 that looks like a German Rubber box. Toyota-Lexus all they’ve done in the past is copy mercedes and other brand like BMW. I think Honda’s Problem is they need to get rid of that guy Tom Heliott, because to me he might be better off donating vision to Stevie Wonder.
    I am so surprise people think the new Cadillacs are cool. The cars are blend and very forgetable. To me They are like Items bought before Chrismast and on new year’s day no one remembers them.
    Tell me one thing, why would would people a blend looking Lexus ES350 when you can buy an Avalon, then again why when all are one vehicle (Toyota Camry). I am sorry to say it, buy I don’t think Ford or GM are coming back that strong, they might become like chrysler; A little run for a minute then get carried away and drop dead for good.
    I think the only way for the american to compete is to do like the foreign countries do, limit manufacturers like Toyota to a limited products on the US Market.

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