2007 Aveo Movie

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Click on the picture to see the sad truth.

The all new Aveo was just sitting there, no one was paying any attention to it, meanwhile, at the VW booth…
They were unveiling cars that everyone had already seen. Including the now 2 year old Golf!


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  1. Not much you can do when you’re VW and you’ve got BIG problems like no customers, nothing exciting to sell, poor reliability and production over capacity….

  2. if I had the choice between say, a Golf, and a Cobalt, I would probably take the Golf, especially in GTI trim.

  3. The Aveo is cute, but uninspired and more of a rental car cheapie than anything else. No surprise that nobody cared about it.
    There wasn’t much action around the Chevy section at the San Francisco Auto Show in November.

  4. if u could “afford” a vw gti over cobalt who wouldnt get another car…..but at the cobalts various price points it is much more affordable car, comeone guys not backing chevrolet lets make some sense the vw costs how much more u could buy a malibu, g6 or any one of gm’s affordable mid sized sedans for the price of the golf in any trim…impala ss, cadillac cts, or vw jetta same price..why????????

  5. A reliable, affordable car with decent styling that gets good gas mileage. Gee, we have to hate that one, don’t we?

  6. You are right. The GTI will start over $23 000. Whay out of the Cobalt price range.
    Not really comparable cars.

  7. Not Sure what point you are trying to make with that video. Obviously they were thaken at different times… The stands around the Chevy stand are empty too… Looks like the VW video was taked at the press launch… Why is there so much GM, Ford and Chrysler bashing in the States??
    I guess you Yanks wont be happy until all your cars are made by forigners…

  8. The point I was trying to make was, how excited the US press was by these “so called”new VWs.
    And it is all BS. VW is just pretty good at getting the press on their sides. (their food was great)
    Most of the US press doesn’t care that much about US car makers.
    I think the automotive press in general is totally out of touch with the general car buying public. And the car makers own them.
    I just think the foreign ones do a better job at buying the US press, that’s all…

  9. I too can edit a video together to make the Chevrolet display look empty in comparison to the VW display.
    Just show up early to the Chevy display and take some b-roll footage. Then head over to the VW display right when the auto show is in full gear. Am I close?
    You certainly do not conceal your detestation for GM when you are desperately trying to sound like a legitimate car journalist.

    Having said that, the Aveo certainly is not as exciting as the Golf but the Golf is not anything extraordinary either. It looks like a four-door corolla. The current US golf is much more interesting. It is a shame VW is destroying some of its best vehicles by giving the new cars such generic styling.

  10. “You certainly do not conceal your detestation for GM”.
    Where is that BS coming from????
    I’ve been praising GM cars left and right.
    You should tell that to the car magazine guys, they’re the ones who don’t have anything good to say about GM.

    The fact is, GM didn’t have any exiting news at the show. A faster Solstice and a longer Tahoe aren’t big deals.
    And this movie is just showing how the US press doens’t care about GM. At least, I went to the GM booth and spent quite some time there, by myself.

    Do you ever read this site? Or is this little joke of a movie just too much for you to take?

  11. I get the feeling there will be a lot more people on the Chevy stand at Detroit around 10:30 Monday morning, when Bob and Co shows us what its all about…

  12. If they can’t get that annoying cricket noise out of the Aveo, then they should change its name to the Cricket. That might help raise sales or interest.

  13. So it was all press at the VW site?

    I would have thought, the difference was due to the type of people who go to car shows.

    Enthusiasts go to car shows.

    Single moms and retirees who buy Aveos don’t.

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