2007 Camry

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With all the news lately, I had almost forgot about the Camry.
It’s only the best selling car in the country…

The 2 top photos are the XLE Model. The bottom one is the “sporty” SE.

I still think the exterior doesn’t look nearly as good as the Sonata.
But the interior has to be the best of any mid sized car offered in the US.

And where do you spend the most time?
You see the exterior of your car getting in, and getting out. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes every day, at the most.

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  1. Hands down this interior is sweet especially for the segment that this car dominates. Vince I agree with you on the bland exterior but that hasn’t hurt its sales.

  2. I notice a very stunning similarity between the interior of this car and the new LS460. The layout is the exact same.

  3. The new camry is hot. Too bad the Germans no longer design beautiful cars like this. I guess the Camry will continue to outsell every other car out there.

  4. The new camry is hot. Too bad the Germans no longer design beautiful cars like this. I guess the Camry will continue to outsell every other car out there.

  5. There are only so many ways you can make an interior. When they do something different (ala Honda Civic) the public bitches. Fickle.

    There hasn’t been any sludge problems with Toyotas in YEARS

    I’m suprised that I like the 4-spoke steering wheel better.

  6. Ok Toyota lovers worship to your heart’s content. It seems that Toyota has scored another hit with the Camry faithful. Now as to the rest of us?

    Firstly, I’m no Toyota hater but neither do I worship at their alter. Let’s put it this way, the exterior reminds me too much of Nimo. The interior looks clean, sophisticated and upscale (but remember you’re looking at the XLE) so don’t get too excited until you see the base and mid-line interiors which will no doubt have a more ‘down market’ look than what’s being presented for public consumption.

    Either way like they, if Toyota builds it, they’ll buy it in bulk!


  7. I’m sure this will be a solid, well-engineered automobile for many people. That’s it mission in life, and it’ll meet that need in spades.

    But as for design…bloated and quirky. Taillights pay bizarre homage to BMWs. The horizontal seam between the hood and the grille is too high. Looks like the front end of the Mazda6. Ick.

    Sheesh. The entire front end of new cars is a plastic mask that grows larger every year, molded and assembled as one entity. What next..plastic front fenders and hoods combined with the grill/bumper assembly?

    Every cut line creates attention to itself. Hell, even BMW understood that when it hired Bangle and is now understanding it’s mistake.

  8. It’s boring…. if you buy one of these what kind of statement does it make?!
    Does it suggest you’re young, outgoing and adventurous? No, but it does hint at retirement, childrens weddings and moving to Florida to play golf…

  9. Introducing, Avalon Lite! I expect top notch quality, durability, and reliability just like its bigger brother. The interior is certainly a step up from the outgoing model and this should sell very well to the Toyo faithful (As well as conquest buyers fro the ever-ailing GM and Ford)

  10. the only cool thing on the car is the interior of the SE trimmed in black leather at night with the lights on (there’s a pic of it on toyota’s website). Somehow, those blue blobs look really neat.

    p.s.-will toyota even bother to offer a manual with the new camry?

  11. Sludge it up boys and girls, I was just talking to Sir Elton John and he said that all Toyotas are as old as when rock was young!

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