2007 Chevrolet Avalanche

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Nothing unexpected.

Just the same previous idea applied to the new platform…

For those who really want to make the new Crown Prince a happy man…

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  1. Hey, what happened to all of the body cladding? Don’t tell me someone at GM actually has some good taste? Oh wait, that was Bob Lutz’s idea, wasn’t it?

    I like it. I hope they made the window for the midgate roll down into the gate instead of having to remove it.

    How about a power midgate for the Escalade? 🙂

  2. OH GREAT!!! Just as G.W.Bush is about to give his state of the union in which he will say that we as a nation are “addicted to oil”…GM rolls out another gas guzzling giant. UMPH!!!

  3. Why is it that when GM launches a truck its “make the crown prince happy” and “gas guzzler” and when Toyota launches a truck its “oooohhhh”, “aaaaah”, “here comes the woop ass”????

  4. >I am Canadian said…

    > Why is it that when GM launches a >truck its “make the crown prince >happy” and “gas guzzler” and when >Toyota launches a truck its >”oooohhhh”, “aaaaah”, “here comes the >woop ass”????

    Go away with your strange and crazy logic. We will have none of it here. 😉

  5. I actually said pretty much the same thing about Toyota’s new GIANT Tundra. Toyota’s Prius doesn’t get near the EPA figures in real world driving and thier trucks get nearly as bad mpg figures as the Big 3. BLAH!!!

  6. DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I have a small penis and I need a AVAWANCH to make myself feel better DERRRRRRRRRRR

  7. LOL of these toyota haters are a buch of cry babies. You can’t have one thread about a GM product with out a Prius comment. Get a life.

  8. I never understood why the Avalanch exists. Aside from the midgate, I can see no positives. And the midgate isn’t worth the thousands more, IMO.

  9. Am I the only one who liked the body cladding? At least I hope they continue with the smoother Avalanche/Tahoe suspension intead of a cruder truck suspension like the F150, D1500, T100, and regular 4-door chevy/GMC trucks use.

  10. I think ALL trucks are boring. They’re for farmers and other commercial users, not for consumers.

    Trucks became popular as the result of bad government during the 1970s when large, V8 cars mostly disappeared and people who needed vehicles to pull trailers, etc. had to resort to trucks because the big and powerful cars had been discontinued.

    So, the bad laws that killed cars like Oldsmobile 98s and Buick Roadmasters spawned a wave of consumers who bought farm vehicles.
    Blame Jimmy Carter (what an asshole!) for much of this.

    This new Avalanche is probably as good as one could expect from a big-assed truck, but it’s a boring piece of crap as I see it.

  11. “For those who really want to make the new Crown Prince a happy man…”

    This line was old the first time you used it. Time to find a new gag writer.

  12. LOL you complain so much yet to keep reading somebody’s personal blog. If you think you can do better go for it. Otherwise STFU.

  13. LETS CLEAR THIS UP, the toyota (sequoia, and tundra) and nissan (armada and titan)get worse gas mileage than the tahoe, and silverado, and people are calling the gm trucks gas guzzlers, how stupid. I guess as long as it is non american, im sorry more specifically japanese all is fine, what a bunch of bs….

  14. Lets clear this up. Toyota makes more reliable cars and truck than Ford or GM. Not only that but Toyotas have much better resale value than both of those other car makers. The depreciation of a GM or Ford truck will far out weight any perceived fuel economy advantage. But unfortunately the above post is WRONG. The toyota and nissan trucks have MUCH better fuel economy than both the GM and ford. So STFU liar.

  15. “LOL you complain so much yet to keep reading somebody’s personal blog. If you think you can do better go for it. Otherwise STFU.”

    I keep reading because the likes of people such as yourself are always good for a few laughs. So KMA.

  16. Toyota Sequoia 15/18
    Nissan Armada 13/19
    Ford Expedition 14/18 WOW that is sooo much better.
    Chevy Tahoe has no EPA rating because it weghs too damn much.

  17. Actually, GMs full-size pickuos and SUVs are MORE relaible than Toyota’s. The Chevy Silverado is the most reliable full-size pickup, and the GMC Yukon is the most reliable full-size SUV. So before you shoot your mouth off again, first check the facts.

  18. The Chevy Tahoe with 4WD and the 5.3L V8 is rated at 15/19 mpg. For anyone keeping score, that’s BETTER than the Toyota Sequoia and BETTER than the Nissan Armada. Sorry to pop your balloons.

  19. I don’t know where you pulled your BS fuel economy numbers but you are both wrong. The Sequoia is a more fuel effient vehicle with better resale vlue and more reliable.

  20. Read last month’s Car and Driver. They got 13mpg in mixed driving in the new Tahoe. Everybody know’s GMs SUVs are over rated in fuel economy tests.

  21. A simple web search will reveal those facts that vex you so much. As for Car & Driver, what are their mixed mpg numbers for the Sequoia (and Armada)? They’re not any better, but everyone knows that. Plus, how does Car & Driver drive these things? Not for optimum fuel economy. Seems like some have consumed too much of that Toyota Kool-Aid®.

  22. actually the current tahoe gets 15 19, and the suburban is 14 18, so gm has the advantage, if you have to put stats up please be accurate…….

  23. and also toyotas can be whatever they want but gm, and ford are way ahead of the weak tundra on the sales race, by miles……., so are the people buying cars they know will break down, or buying reliable products, i say they are buying reliable products, when the tundra gets in the top 10,or for that matter out does f150 for #1, and silverado for #2 than lets talk on reliability…….

  24. and if you dont believe the epa figures go look at window stickers and stop being brain washed by the idiots in this blog

  25. The above ninny posts and all the STFU retorts prove that truck people are assholes.
    Screw all the trucks except for farmers and commercial users.
    Consumers who drive trucks they don’t need are poser asswipes.

  26. You people who say if you’re not a farmer then you don’t need a truck are not correct. I have one vehicle and don’t live in a big city. I have a yard I like to work in and a dog. I currently have an Avalanche and it is great! It works like a truck with the midgate down and a very comfortable SUV with the midgate up. I have had ZERO problems with it so I can say the quality is great. I do plan on buying a new one when they are released. By the way, most of the Toyota trucks require Premium fuel to add to the cost of driving one. These can use either 87 octane or 85% ethenol and have been able to use ethenol for years. It really is a great product.

  27. I don’t mean to say these are bad trucks.
    It is common knowlage now, that they are mostly reliable and well made. GM and Ford.
    I just think that most people who own them don’t use them for what they are.
    I see Suburbans carrying 2 small kids in the back seats, a lot. Why??/
    And the same goes for the Japanese trucks. They are all ineficient.
    I dont’recall praising the Tundra at all.
    (You have to learn how to read….)

    All these trucks are great for those who need them, or use them. Like “anonynous” with a dog and a yard.
    That’s great.

    But a mom and 2 toddlers on the way to school???

    Most of you have to learn how to read….

  28. For all of you who like the Sequoia so much, take mine–PLEASE! The Ford dealer only offered me $15k and it only has 11,000 miles. I bought the Expedition anyway. Will ANYONE give me $25k for a Sequoia that cost $36k only a year ago????

  29. you are all brain washed! toyatas,nissans…etc are not more re-(lia)-ble.That started years ago in commercials and it is just is out of hand. They are made with cheap parts, so they are cheaply made cars! I’m sick of people saying US carmakers use cheap or fake plastic in their interiors and i can’t find 1 auto with real wood in it. That don’t cost 100g’s!

  30. It is also funny that they say US AUTO MAKERS HAVE BAD DESIGNS when all or most of competitors make imitations of ford,chevy! Tell me that toyota t-truck or tundra is not a bad decoy of the f-150!

  31. Dude Ford obviously stole a time machine from toyota, traveled into the future, copied the new Tundra and brought it back to 2002 to sell as the F150. Everybody knows that.

    All fords look like they copied TOYOTA.

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