2007 Chrysler Aspen

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Just showing the obvious.
The Chrysler brand deserves better than such an obvious clone…
But, to be correct, they’re already doing that with the Magnum/300. Interiors are almost the same, and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone…

By the way,I am driving a Dodge Durango for a few days. So I am getting an idea of what the Aspen might turn out to be.
So far it’s not too bad once you get used to the height.
But the interior looks, really, really cheap. From these pictures it looks like they did a decent job upgrading the cheap plastics inside.
I’ll report on the test drive soon.

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  1. In those pictures it appears that all the body panels are different between the two cars.The Chrysler has a break/fold along the entire bodyside while the Durango is more simple and flat… The front and rear are quite different. The similarities are more due to the fact that the cars obviousdly all come out of the same Chrysler group studio.

  2. Thank God it looks as good as it does. The current generation Durango (first gen. is rather classic) looks fugly. Glad the obscene fender flares are gone, along with those awkward tail lights. I always thought of the Durango as a huge box, with an arched top, and fender flares… not good to say the least.

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