2007 Dodge Caliber interior

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Just a quick reminder (I posted that picture before).
For those who are looking forward to the new small car from Dodge:

Don’t expect too much from the interior.
Form that shot at least, it looks very cheap and bland….

And the car itself won’t be that cheap. You can actually top $24000 if you get all options available.

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  1. This can’t be the actual interior for the Caliber. It has to be pre-production. Otherwise it looks laughably pathetic and regressive.

    I’m hoping this is only just that.

  2. It looks like a typical Dodge interior. My only real gripe is just how sharp those corners around the center console are, ouch. Also, the texture on the silver “metal” looks bad, just like gray plastic.

    The only one I’ll be interested in will be the Caliber SRT-4

  3. $24K might be the maxed out price, but that will include AWD.

    The Toyota Matrix AWD or 6 Speed can certainly be priced out to that range.

  4. As someone who still cannot get over the cheapness of the Magnum and Charger interiors, I’m not surprised at all that the Caliber, a model two steps down, in the Dodge stable, is this bland and cheap.

    That this is an inexpensive car is no excuse, though. Just look at the quality and refinement of the Corolla and MAZDA3 interiors. Or better yet, maybe the bean counters in Sterling Heights should have such a look.

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