2007 Ford Edge

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Finally, some pictures of the Edge I can post without getting in trouble…
And I think it looks great.
With a wonderfull interior too.
Ford really has a great combo in the heart of the market with the Fusion and this. It now will come down to price.
If they can keep it in line with the new Santa Fe instead of the Highlander, they will have a big hit.

And the glass roof option is unique in the US at that price. I just wish they’d choose another color to introduce the car. And get better looking wheels. Like the ones on the Fusion.

An Explorer for the 21st century???

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  1. looks good. I like the pistol grip shifter, the dash mounted light switch, chronographic dials, and the Range Rover Spor Vesuvius orange color. ….. But at first glance it looks like a huge Dodge Caliber.

  2. A home run for Ford, but how will it do against the new GM crossovers? The MKX will obviously be more of a competitor with the new Buick, but the Edge is going up against the Saturn Outlook.

    Please post pricing when you get it 🙂

  3. Love this CUV as I got to see it upclose at the LA Auto Show. This thing has an amazing stance and presence all it’s own. Bigger than an Escape and more refined than an Explorer. I think Ford hit a homerun with its new triplets (Edge, Lincoln MkX, Mazda CX-9)!!

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