2007 Ford Expedition

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Looks like it’s not “all new”.
Outside at least, only the front seems to have been redesigned.
Inside, who knows…

But it looks pretty weak compared to the “really all new” Tahoe. The Chevrolet looks much more refined that this toy like truck.
And an all new Sequoia is far behind…

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  1. What happened to Ford’s strategy to have a common 3 BAR GRILLE? Count’ em… This grill has two, or four very thin bars, depending on how you look at it. No matter how you look at it IT DOESN’T HAVE THREE.

    Ford’s brand designers are idiots. First they trumpet Lincoln’s new visual vocabulary of the waterfall grille and walk away from it on the MK-X now this!

    Here’s a new Ford acronym:

    Front-end appearance
    Doen’t it?

  2. FYI: There are THREE openings in the grill, with the Ford emblem in the middle.

    With that said, I don’t like the front end. The rest of it looks very much like the previous generation. The interior better blow the competition away, because the outside really ain’t cutting it.

  3. Can’t breathe…….. not much time. Urggh – have travelled in my time machine to warn you (cough cough) that you need to…… stop buying these….. big trucks.

    It’s my lungs…….. can’t…. take…. the….. air…. any…. [FLATLINE]

  4. last time i checked, there wasn’t an all new sequoia yet.. so how do you already know that it’s far behind from the expedition and tahoe? the current one is, of course, behind..

    but, there is no “all new” sequoia as of now. and if there was one, im sure it would be based off of the new tundra.. remember? that new truck you’ve been telling detroit to take notice of.

  5. Hey hj from London, it never ceases to amaze me the utter hypocrisy of sanctimonious europeans like yourself. You criticize Americans for buying SUVs, than want us to buy as many big, heavy, inefficient V8 and V12 powered luxury and sports cars as you can make. It’s the same with the japanese. The main thing keeping their car companies in business is selling their hardly efficient SUVs, trucks and luxury cars in the American market because they can’t sell them anywhere else. Than you all have the balls to gripe about “wasteful” Americans? I’ll keep driving my SUV, you all can keep driving your cute little eurasian rollerskates. And take deep breaths.

  6. How is it that vince burlapp can criticize the Ford Expedition when he hasn’t even driven one yet. Just because it’s not radically restyled doesn’t mean it hasn’t been substantially improved. I didn’t notice a radical redesign of the Toyota Camry, but that car gets a free ride. But than it’s a Toyota, and they’re perfect. It’s the same with his criticism of Volvo. But what else can one expect since the hollywood.extra blogspot is now the toyotatundra.extra blogspot.

  7. ?????
    Where did I say the Camry was perfect???
    Can you quote that somewhere?

    I don’t need to drive an Expedition to be aware of its 12mpg fuel economy. And that’s not for me.
    I even consider driving something that gets only 10 or 12mpg Anti American.

    It’s about time we don’t depend so much on other countries for our basic needs.
    People were making fun of communist Russia when they had to buy tons of their food from us. Because their system didn’t work and they couldn’t feed their own population.
    But it’s OK for us to be totally dependant on Arab nations for our basic transportation needs????

    No matter how you see it, and how much you decide to lie to yourself, these big SUVs are not good for our country…

  8. Good evening to the “Anonymous” who called me a “sanctimonious European”. I don’t recall criticising Americans – I’d never do that because I like you guys too much! – but I definitely was making a dig at selfish assholes like you who drive giant SUV’s, pollute the world and have no consideration for other people.

    It’s certainly not just an American problem, although trucks like the Denali and Expedition are thankfully limited to North America (I think/hope). We unfortunately have the same wretched people in London, who use 4.4 litre BMW M5’s to take their 6 year olds to primary school.

    Want to drive a powerful car? Go for it. But in the same way you might be appalled if someone started smoking really close to you in a restaurant, I’m equally disgusted that people like you have such an utter disregard for the environment.

    What right do you have to use so much more of a such a harmful, limited resource? THINK!

  9. I’m rather disappointed in the front end. It just doesn’t work. I was hoping the SuperChief was giving us a hint at the Expeditions new front. Too bad.

    However, the interior looks outfrigginstanding. I’ll take an LR3 look alike dash over the old Expe dash anyday.

    It’s good to see they’ll have the 6 speed, especially since the Tahoe is still only available with the 4 speed (the Yukon and Escalade get the 6) My question is whether or not it has a Displacement on Demand system like GM has in all of it’s V8 powered SUVs.

    Still I wouldn’t buy one unless it had a turbo common rail diesel V6. That would start saving some gas.

  10. To hj from london: If you feel the need to go after selfish assholes, why don’t you look in your own backyard at those european companies who also build SUVs, the kind you love (and need) Americans to buy. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about, so spare me your boring lectures about polluting the world, having no consideration for other people, an utter disregard for the environment and using so much more of a limited resource. What do your gas-guzzlers run on, happy thoughts and air?

  11. Ahh, geopolitical smarminess is a joy to behold. I still don’t know how driving a big SUV causes anyone else any harm, as there as been no connection drawn between global warming and man.

    It has been hotter in the past. There have been higher CO2 levels in the past. There have been lower CO2 levels than currently when it was hotter in the past. We finished a mini ice age in the 1830s. 30 years ago the world’s scientific experts were warning us of global cooling and recommended THAWING the ice caps.

    So, save me the chicken little routine. Americans could make the same comments about lazy Europeans who work fewer hours, for fewer weeks, have fewer children, and are driving the futures of the few children they do have into the ground just for their own selfish pursuits.

    And, America is not Europe. We don’t have small compact densely populated population centers where public transportation works. And, it makes for more affordable living.

    I have many friends who moved here from Europe, and they all say tyhe same thing, Europe is chock full of nanny staters who think their shit don’t stink.

    So while Europe devolves into an ever poorer and more violent place, we’ll soldier on, we dumb fat stupid Americans driving our big gas guzzling SUVs.

  12. ‘We unfortunately have the same wretched people in London’

    guys in fairness to hj from london he’s making a general point about suv’s. i don’t think he’s being anti-american. i’m with him on this one

    (born and bred new yorker)

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