2007 Jeep Compass

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There it is. Naked.
Without all the added crap it had late last year.
And it looks very much like a Dodge Caliber clone. Especially inside where the center part of the dash is almost exactly the same.
Not sure what the point of this car is. Why not ge the Caliber.

Strictly for those can’t live without a Jeep log on their cars…

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  1. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re doing this rig on the cheap. The exterior looks good but the interior is plain nasty looking.

    There is no excuse for this. Just as in the Caliber they’ve gone down the low road as far as interior goes. If looks like crap in these photos just wait until you see it in the flesh.

    It’s worse!


  2. This thing is too chubby-faced and has a hideous interior. Man, that interior is really bad. Even the guages are ugly. Cover the center stack and you’d think this was an early 80’s Japanese economy sedan.

    At least the profile is okay.

  3. that thing is ugly, and what is the point of jeep having crossover im confused isnt jeep basically an american land rover, a tough off road brand why a car u probably cant take off road, that looks like a odd shaped wagon with a jeep grill

  4. what the hell are those humps under the head lamps for ? it looks like it hasnt had sleep in years, who approved that front end ? fire them asap ! please make aftermarket parts for the front end asap ! cause the rest of it is very nice, except the interior, ya fire that guy also !

  5. The Dodge version of this car replacing the Neon has a CD of .375! This is old Volvo 240 territory from 30 years ago. Absolutely pathetic considering the first gen 1995 Neon had a CD of .33 and most new cars are below .30. WTF are they thinking?

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