2007 Kia Sorento

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Not all new, just a “mid life facelift”.

I’m not sure whay they even bother. The Sorento still looks very nice. And it’s hard to tell the new one from the old one.
The interior is said to be all new, again it didn’t need that. And there are rumors it will use the 3.8 Liter V6 form the Azera.

I hear most owners are really happy with their Sorentos. You can get a loaded one for under $25 000. A great deal.
The only drawback would be a really poor average mpg. Lots of owners report an average of around 15mpg.
I’m not sure a larger engine would help that much…

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  1. ok during the san diego auto show lately i saw one of these on the street and it had a vertical grill same shape though but had like 30 vertical members running up and down in the grill area, at first i though it was a ssasong korondo ( bad spelling ) then i saw the ass and it was the sorento, could have been a hyandai exec seeing they have a major office here in mission valley but who knows……

  2. These are actual miles. The official numbers are much better, but pretty unrealistic.
    The Tahoe will not get the official numbers either.
    Good luck trying to get 20mpg driving a brick with a big V8…

  3. really, why bother?

    The reason that the Kia gets such shitty gas mileage, is because it is p retty much built with old technology, and a significantly smaller R&D budget than GM. Maybe its more impressibe that General Motors can get the same mileage as a Kia, with all their cash.

  4. Dear Vince, you said it was very difficult to tell this facelift and the current Sorento. Well its not difficult at all. The current one has a second grille strecthed across it face. The BMW X5 does 44 mpg on one tank of petrol/diesel. Some-one said tht Kia could be behind technology. Hyundai owns Kia. Hyundai technology is up to date unlike its sister company

  5. The X5 gets 44 Imperial gallons. Not the same.
    And that’s if you drive steady at around 60mph.
    Still, it is pretty good.
    And BMW diesels are great.

    As for the Camaro picture, you’ll have to check the December archives (or was it in November…)
    I had an illustration of it.
    I will post the real thing as soon as it comes out.

  6. My Sorrento has a 5 speed manual and runs at about 3100 RPM while doing 70. Better gearing would give the customer a high mileage option with no drive train changes. I do appreciate the engine braking in the winter however and accept the compromise between higher milage and control.
    Overall the quality and utility are among the best I have owned.

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