2007 Lexus ES350

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Here it is.
The all new Lexus ES.
You can even see the glass roof option on this one.
There is nothing new here. It looks like a blend of all other Lexus designs, plus maybe a bit of Acura RL in the front….
The interior is now “less weird” than the current version. The weirdess seems to have migrated inside the car.
Where the console adopts a strange look, going all the way into the top of the dash.

I thought they got rid of the “red wood” look a while ago, I guess it’s back…

It actually looks exactly like what it is supposed to: a smaller LS. because that’s what it is.

It even looks more expensive than the GS series.

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  1. The new ES 350 is a much better looking car then the current one. But it still looks like it is based on the same frame and body as the Camry. I thought Lexus said that the new ES would be seperate and unique from the Camry.

  2. a bit of a let down. it looks like a bad korean copy

    this new es still has same plasticy exterior of the old one. something about the simple/plain shapes of the bumpers reminds you that they’re molded plastic.

    also the rounded cutout around the vents is pretty ugly.

    the es always seems like it was designed as afterthought of the camry.

  3. I think the new ES is a nice evolution from the previous gen.

    Remember, Lexus knows its customers well & wants to keep them.

    This is the last Lexus to be built on the same frame as a Toyota Camry.

  4. The current generation ES may not be the best looking car, but drive one and you will understand why Lexus sells so many. The ES has a blend of comfort, quietness and drivability that most cars (with the exception of other Lexuses) cannot match. Before you criticize, drive one and you’ll understand why Lexus is such an outstanding luxury brand.

  5. It looks ok from the pics…maybe it will look better in person. I thought Toyota was going for it all with this one…turns out they just wanted Grandma and Grandpa to have a nice ride.

  6. “Could have been better. It does look like the LS and Camry’s bastard child…”


    I hate to say it, but I think the design would’ve looked better with a little bit of ‘Bangle-butt’. Right now, the rear roofline reminds me of Toyota Prius, and the slabsided rear is rather ugly. Dare I say, it looks like a cousin of that nasty looking Ssangyong. lol

    I’m going to to have to disagree with everyone and say that I prefer the current generation ES330’s exterior. It has more interesting curves and creases, not to mention more daring looking front and rear. This new one is looking more like a boat.

    And the interior… Not too crazy about the oval thing near the vent, but overall I think it is more daring than the current one. I do like the red walnut better than the orange one used in ’05. That was a bit tacky.

  7. does anyone know if the Lexus ES350 shares the same platform as the Avalon or the Camry? i assume both are the same platform, but the Avalon has a longer wheelbase.

    is it a ‘lexus-fied’ avalon or camry?

  8. i think the new camry is ugly for some reason i like this car, ive honestly always liked the es especially the first generation es300, but very nice interior, and nice looks

  9. The current ES330 looks like a sleep deprived catfish balancing on 4 toothpicks. It’s features are way overdone and the wheel/body relationship and overhangs make the car look bloated. This car is an improvement, but that’s not saying much.

  10. The new Es is still based on the Camry, for the last time.

    I think they know what they’re doing, and will sell tons of these.

  11. I’m not hip to the center console, especially around the HVAC vents. But other than that, I kinda dig it.

  12. That is the pimpedest pimpin a pimp has ever pimped. This thing with PWN the 3 series. Oh wait the IS 350 already did that. LOL.

  13. honda accord > hyundai sonata > 2007 lexus es

    my favorite es was the one from 1997 – 2001. it barely looked different from the prev. generation but in my opinion it was stately and had a classy look.

  14. I agree with u. This one sucks. Lexus was awesome with the IS and the GS, but the new LS and this one dissappointed me a lot. The 1997-2001 model stands out as the best ES.

  15. I think the New ES 350 looks pretty nice inside and out. ES like the smaller size LS. they are group as luxury sedan. GS and IS are the sport luxury sedan.

  16. yawn. Its freaky looking, and not really a luxury car, however, this one does look alot better than the Camry its based on (something that couldn’t be said about the last one). That center stack is ugly, and just plain goofy.

  17. Ugly droopy butt, generic headlight and ugly interior shape, but better overall exterior proportions. Still an ugly car, now with a Korean accent.

  18. The rear end reminds me way to much of a Nissan Bluebird that you posted several weeks ago that u thought might have had a chance as the next sentra, which we know is not correct. Anyhow I like the design overall… I have hard time distinguishing the front end of this from the front of the LS but otherwise it is a very nice design.

  19. very korean, maybe even chinese in nature. the dash is horrific. I wonder if they fixed the sludge problem

  20. I currently have a 2002 GS300, and I think I might trade it for the ES350, I personally love the front and rear profile. Looks rich. Interior is stunning! Atleast to me.

  21. of course you like it you brainwashed toyota moron. you go get a car with pizzaz this time. play it safe with a washed out toyota is no way to live. you owe it to yourself to test drive some cars with panache. if you test an infiniti g35 or the soon to be g37 for example, it wom’t even be possible to drive a pimped up camry after that.

  22. I heard that the ’06 hyundai Sonata, ’07 Lexus ES350 and ’07 Camery all use the same headlights, tailights, and body. I hve to admit, they look awwwfullly similar! Can I just by the “ES350” badge for my $15k Sonata?

  23. alright, i knew that i’ve seen the styling before — and no, it’s not from the IS. it’s the toyota mark x.take a look:

  24. Vince,You shoud give credit for your pciture source…these pix are from i think it’s only fair…TSX

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