2007 Lexus LS 460

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Finally, the big Lexus looks nice and modern.
It actually looks like a big IS.
The interior is pretty much what you’d expect too. A bigger IS…

This will no doubt be one of the best cars anyone can buy.
But after sitting in the new 2007 S Class, I can’t help but thinking about the amazing presence of the new Mercedes. Which the Lexus, no matter how good it is, doesn’t seem to have.
The new S class is almost not a car anymore, it feels that special. And it is such a leap in luxury compared to the current one.

But at least, the lexus should be quite a bit cheaper. Competing more with the jaguar XJ.

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  1. wow, an IS on steroids, nice, but wut happened to the cool looking headlights from the concept?????? i thought that was the unique detail that made the concept so great

  2. WOW, an IS on steroids!
    but wut happened to the cool looking headlights from the concept, i think that was what really made the concept so nice…

  3. to be honest ive never like lexus they always look like big boring toyotas, or small cheap looking ones in the case of the old is. but the concept for this car was hot, this production version (or maybe its just this color) again looks like a big boring toyota…..what was the point of the concept.., but the interior on this car looks just about best in class especially the rear, the detail in this car great and so is this new is, why wrap interiors this stylish and good interiors in such boring bland desighns

  4. Looks good. Its blocky, and has solid look about it, slightly mean, yet refined. The rear looks awesome, with the center console (it would be nice if it was a full console), and the… reclining rear seats!?!?!? Cool.

    I dislike the Lexus ES-style rearlights. Ugly. The ugliest Lexus (possibly luxury car), Period. The nav screen looks awkwardly placed, kinda recessed, but not really…

  5. I’m a little disappointed. I agree, the scaled up IS exterior is a good look and Lexus should build upon that foundation in the future. However, I’m a little blase about the interior. Its too cold and boring to me. Perhaps I just need to see it with more wood trim.

  6. Beautiful. No longer following the lead of other car companies, Lexus develops its own design.

    I think this car will be in a class by itself–amazing technology, superior refinement.

    Now if I could only win the lottery…

  7. Looks like Lexus will continue to dominate over BMW and Benz with this car. I mean 8 speed automatic trasmission, reclining rear seats with leg rest, hybrid drive train etc… They have one upped everyone. Why buy a maybach when you can have a different LS for every day of the week and still pay someone to drive you with money to spare. Besides a 5 year old Lexus is more reliable than a brand new Benz.

  8. can the exterior can any more boring than that :o( Looks like Lexus is running out of design idea, and it’s adopting Mecedes’ sausage strategy that MB is trying to get rid of…..

  9. Nice job slinging the old ‘copy’ and ‘sludge’ smears…they won’t stick this time, because they’re not the truth.

  10. Just read a article on another website, seems LS has another big leap too, not only the S-class.
    “- 4.6-liter V8 engine that will produce approximately 380 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque
    – an eight-speed automatic transmission, a world-first
    – zero-to-sixty miles per hour in less than 5.5 seconds
    – nine-inch headliner-mounted rear-screen monitor
    – all-new 19-speaker Mark LevinsonĀ® audio system that provides a true theater-level entertainment experience”
    There are detail pictures on the rear seat entertainment and relaxation system, looks like a little Maybach to me.

    Nice competition give us the best for the money we spent.

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