2007 Lincoln MKX

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Not nearly as good looking as the Aviator Concept from last year, the MKX is still a very nice looking wagon.
But the big question is: Is it different enough from the Ford Edge???
The Ford also offers the great glass roof, leather, navigation etc…
They have a similar problem with the Zephyr.
The Highlander and RX330 do not look the same at all.
Ford might need to spend a bit more money into Lincoln.

Other brand might get away with more expensive clones (Lexus SUVs, but nobody’s rushing to get a Lincoln…

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  1. I think it’s pretty classy looking. The grill is reminiscent of some Lincolns in the 1960’s. The interior seems nice, too, and it’s not yet another dual-cowl dash design that Lincoln was putting in everything.

  2. ….actually the Zephyr is outselling the Milan. The MKX will easily outsell the Aviator it is replacing. So, I’ll go ahead and hazard a guess that Lincoln 2007 CY sales will easily exceed 2005’s.

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