2007 Mazda3

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This is a picture of what might be in store for the Mazda3 next year.
It looks like they’re not changing much.

They actually shouldn’t change anything on that car. It just looks great.
The only thing it needed was a 5 speed auto, and it just got it for 2006.

Now what about adding some color inside. At least having another choice than black…

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  1. I’m probably gonna buy this. But let’s see if the audio system has improved. It needs a aux jack for mp3 players.

  2. Yes, it’s really the 2007 model.

    Regarding the Mazdaspeed, the car will be in dealerships late summer. FWD, 2.3 DISI Turbo, between 250-260 HP, 18 in wheels, HUGE brakes. Available only for the 5 door model.

    Those who drove the car in Japan said the car is a monster !

  3. This does appear to be the Mazdaspeed-3 pictured: same wheels as and Maszdaspeed-6, similar facia and foglights. Also, note the larger hood bulge to accomodate the intercooler…I’m pretty sure on this! Will it be AWD? If not, that’s shame and a sham!

  4. Good catch !

    But I hate to burst your bubble.. i juste went to take a look at a Mazda 3 and you can clearly see the aluminium raidator in the same position that you see in the picture…

    But there’s always hope !

    The car is scheduled to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April

  5. The only bad thing about the bigger hood bulge is that it makes the 3 look more PT-cruiser and HHR-ish. This better get AWD. Mazda has history here with the 323-GTX…one of the best pocket rockets of the 80’s.

  6. Why is everyone so excited about a Mazdaspeed3 with turbo and AWD? They’ve been running around for a couple years now. They’re called the Volvo S40/V50 T5 AWD.

  7. Unlike General Motors, where every brand has a version of every car, just with a different grill…. The Volvo S40 is not just a rebadged Mazda3 or anything like that. The S40 has different suspension tuning, completely different engines, the frame is made up of different quality steel, the Mazda is actually BIGGER than the S40 on the inside, etc. etc. etc.

    The Mazdaspeed3 will be different from the S40 because its A)Cheaper B)more powerful C)more aggressively “shod” and sprung, and D) probably faster

  8. The only thing it needed was a 5 speed auto, and it just got it for 2006 ???

    Can someone confirm if the 2006 Auto is a 4 speed or 5 speed?

  9. Versions with the 2.3 liter engine gets the 5 speed auto as an option. Everything else gets a 4 speed.

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