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Someone here posted a comment a while ago about the pictures of the new Nissan Bluebird. Saying that he saw the Sentra, and it looked like a cross between the Maxima and a Mazda3.
Well.. Whoever you are, you were 100% right.

I am not sure I like such a sqaure design, but on thing is for sure, the new Sentra has a lot of style.
And it should be great competition to the new compacts like the mazda3 and the Civic.
The interior also looks very modern and upscale feel to it. If they offer the great 2.5 Liter from the Altima in this, it’ll be one of the best car for the price.

It is amazing how far all these japanese compacts have gone since their last generation.
The poor Cobalt looked nice when it came out, not so long ago, but now everything else seems better…

And.. Where is Ford in all this???

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  1. Love the interior. Reminds me of an upscale Renault sedan interior from the early 90s.

    But the car is looking awfully tipsy. Almost as awkwardly tall as that nasty Chrysler Rolls rip-off.

  2. Thanks Vince, I appreciate your comments that I was 100% right. I hadn’t seen the interior yet though, it is awesome. I love this car!!!

  3. Thanks for posting these pics – haven’t see the new Sentra ’til now.

    The first car that popped into my mind (besides Maxima) when I saw this new Sentra is Saturn Ion. Perhaps because of its relatively high stance and shape of the DLO and tail lamps.

    Not high praise – I was expecting something a little sportier – with maybe more Renault styling influence – out of Nissan, say along the lines of a 4-Door Tone.

    Overall, I agree that new Sentra interior looks to be competitive with Mazda3 and Civic. I totally agree that Ford is in big trouble and needs to bring the Euro Focus over ASAP… which they should have done two years ago and would have been ahead of the competition instead of playing catch-up. Again.

  4. Beat the civic and toyota ?? probably not, you see they slapped a 3 year old front end off the maxima and a dowdy rear end off the saturn ion, both huge styling statements and sellers in the marketplace, ( not ) hey nissan wanna copy something, make it good ! as if consumers are demanding this design ??? it took 12 years of horrible sentra design to bring this out ? and dont even get me started on the Versa, major fugly ! looks like ill be looking at the yaris and fit, or even a rio very soon for my money !

  5. Are they offering leather in this? I think it’s nice and all, but for most people shopping for a small compact car, they don’t usually want to spend a buttload of money for options, and rarely end up doing so. People want a nice, quality, economical car that isn’t overdone, and though leather is luxurious, that’s not what these cars are about. Peace Out.

  6. What a beautiful interior! This would look at home in a much more upscale car. I wonder if the quality is up to par– Nissan’s interiors do not age well.

  7. yes my simple little friend, BEAT TOYOTA and HONDA!!!!!!!!!!

    hmm ya seeing the sentra,altima,maxima, (small, mid, large) sized cars nissan has always had never once ever got close to beating honda or toyota, i think not ! and you seem to think that a 3 year old design is gonna wipe honda or toyota’s ass in sales ? no more bong hits for you tonite !

  8. Nice car, but the Civic will surely be the best of the compacts until the next Corolla appears. Even then, the Civic could remain the top choice.

  9. For what is essentially a tall box this car looks really good. Although I doubt it will be able to match the Civic for fuel economy. Its definitely a worthy competitor. I’ll definitely be test driving this car before I buy my next car.

  10. What is going on over at Honda and Nissan. First Honda gives the Civic Ion-esque headlights and now Nissan gives the Sentra Ion-esque tail-lights but instead in clear form.
    Are they taking crazy pills over there?

  11. Your mom called. She said you need to turn off the computer, finish your homework and go to bed if you ever want to pass the 6th grade.

  12. that shifter is soo mini van ! why the hell do i need a auto shifter in my face ! i put it into drive then i drive 52 miles to work then i hit park, manual is kewl that high ala civic si from last few years, but not an automatic ! they mounted it that high in mini vans so you can still crawl into the back seats from the front, but you aint doing that in this little car !

  13. A lot of different demographics buy small cars. I see this as more of a retiree’s last car than a young person’s first – sorta like the Civic sedan except with ‘normal’ gauges. Guess that’s ok since Saturn is (eventually) moving up market.

  14. I also have a few responses to previous posts:
    1) It looks like the Altima and the Mazda3 had a baby
    2) People will add a lot of options such as leather and navigation systems (i.e. Mazda3)
    3) Ford is definitely in trouble (even if they bring the Euro Focus over)

  15. it’s body is to big for the tyres….they look small…from the front it’s almost mini maxima..civic is alot better than this…

  16. This is the best Nissan can do? The side view of the new Sentra bears a striking resemblance to the Saturn ION. First they stretch a G35 coupe, give it a new interior, and trot it out like it’s something all new. Now they come out with this bland little generic econoturd. Hopefully Nissan won’t stick their low class, Walmart boom box plastic trim in the interior.

  17. no, I don’t see the Ion in it either. Definitely alot of Maxima, but not so much the Mazda3. If anything, the tail lights remind me of a Prius’.

    The interior is amazing for the segment. Very solid car.

  18. Exterior…Amazing, Interior….Amazing. This strong young fellow will easily trounce the weak offerings from rivals Toyota and Honda…Nissan is #1

  19. Nissan was making great cars when Honda was still only motorizing bikes. Honda trasmissions don’t even shift properly, still today. Their lower ball joints on accords have plastic pieces. They may get better, but they will never build a car like Nissan

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