2007 Nissan Sentra

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Just a few bits of news:

-2.0 Liter engine with 135hp
-6 Speed manual standard.
-CVT Option
-Leather Option
-Keyless entry Option
-29 City/36 Hwy mileage with CVT
-$15 000 for base model includes all airbags, air, power doors & locks.

All that sounds pretty good. Especially the CVT.

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  1. I want to like it, but can’t. Maybe it’s because the wheels look too small. The old Asian car syndrome that I thought was resolved.

  2. Excuse me, but is this car a throwback to a 5 year old Elantra? No thank you.

    When the 07 Elantra comes out with 160 brake horsepower, and 155 lb. ft. or torque, while having all of those airbags and electronic stability control standard, priced at $1000-$2000 less than these cars (the Civic and the Sentra), we’ll see a surge in sales.

    135 horses is just not enough to cut it these days…sorry.

  3. Sorry, you can post the new Sentra’s picture over and over, it’s not going to make this dull and tepid little asian roller skate one bit interesting.

  4. I still like it!!!! It looks just as good as the Mazda3 on the outside and better on the inside than the civic and the 3.

  5. i was just as the nissan website and configured a decent equipped versa sedan, and it was over 17k… (with a manual transmission) the versa is supposed to be nissans entry level car. the well equipped sentra SL is pricing out over 19k, and thats not even with all the options available. personally, i think the new sentra is decent looking. looks like a smaller version of a cross between a maxima and a altima, but if i were in the 20k range, i certainly wouldnt be considering a sentra…at the same rate, i wouldnt be considering a versa in the 17k range either.

  6. I think 135HP is for the Base model. You know they have to make an SE-R version which I guess would have up to 200HP.

    Still, I’m not happy with this car or the Versa. The styling is a bit discombobulated IMO. The interior is nice though.

  7. Oh Nissan , I am in love, you guys can do nothing wrong….I’m in, order one in black w/tan leather for jimmy

  8. Looks like between the Versa and the Sentra, Nissan has the compact market cornered. I love the look of the Sentra but i also like the versatility of a hatch. I guess between the cargo space and 38mpg city and highway average the Versa wins it. Too bad Honda didn’t see Fit to bring one of the more fuel efficient drive trains to the US.

  9. Solid, and FINALLY a Sentra that fits with the new Nissan. 135hp is fine in an entry level sedan. The Civic has 140 and the Corolla has roughly the same.

  10. I’m dumbfounded by the blathering crap I’m seeing here. It looks as though someone sent this through a giant shredding, chopping machine and pieced it back again with half maxima and a pinch of Altima. And that interior? For-get-about-it! It’s so dated already.

    This one is destined for oblivion!!!


  11. It’s true, you are dumbfounded and oblivious. Wake up, it’s now 2006. This car sets all the new standards. Have you seen the weak dash on the new civic. Already, people are walking away from it. The Nissan will win and all the dumbfounded will quietly watch!

  12. Looks like someone took a maxima and sqeezed it from teh front and back.. Dated and ugly. Interior is pretty nice.

  13. “Does any one else see a Saturn Ion in this thing?”


    LoL – this design says funk-uglia! ya!

  14. Boys and girls, I just spoke to Sir Elton John and he said your all mentally unstable. The sentra he said ,is the Rocket Man!

  15. This is such a dissapointment. One whacked looking twisted confusing mess!

    Gee, this is the best Nissan can do? Pathetic!


  16. I was really looking forward to seeing this new Sentra. But after seeing it I’m not impressed, just depressed.

    WTF! I curse the moron who signed off on this.

  17. Wow! this is truly love at first sight. I can’t believe the cool lines on this car. I’m really so taken with the overall design. This car looks so much better than the boring civic or corolla.

    i really like this! can’t wait to drive it.


  18. Say marc you need to stop drinking so much cough syrup. I don’t know why you think this ill conceived tripe is anything but a mutant design gone all wrong.


  19. Hey, do Honda and Toyota even make a CVT ? They are so far behind. Nissan is goin’ to Shock their monkey !!!

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