2007 Toyota Camry

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Just a few more pictures. I think the car looks a bit better in these.
Also notice the different (slightly) interiors.
The Hybrid interior is pretty much the same as the regular LE model. Except for the small electronic display on the console.

The XLE:

The SE:

The Hybrid:

It seems to look better in darker colors.
No idea of pricing yet, but a 2006 XLE is around $23000 for the 2.4 Liter and $26000 for the V6 Leather. And you can routinely get about $3000 off on any Camrys (once they’ve been out for a few months).
It does look like quite a car for the money.

This will sell almost no matter what. But with a great interior, and 48000 hybrids on the road the 1st year, it will kill the competition. Whether you like the car or not…

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  1. toyota should have made a special grill for the hybrid version because people who buy hybrids like to show off to other people that they own environmentally friendly vehicles

  2. Ok, ok I’ll admit this new Camry is not a bad looking car but that interior…I’m just not liking it as much. For one thing that bulbous bulge around the glove box area is such an eyesore.

    It really ruins what is a very good dash design. It’s makes everything else look so underwhelming. Heck i know this is a Toyota Camry and it will sell anyway but this interior just doesn’t add up particularly the LE. There are worse interiors though. Crap!


  3. Glove box dash area appears out of proportion with everything else.

    The rest of the interior is very clean looking though.

  4. Thanks for the additional pictures. the car will do well. Any new pictures on the 2007
    Honda CR-V or the rumored Honda CRX

    Cool website

  5. i agree this car still looks extremely boring, but i think toyota knows its market, and classy very conservative is working well for the camry, but i wonder from looking at the interior just how much nicer the is and gs are than this car, the wood is shaped just like the wood in the gs, and the center stack looks alot like the is are they really thousands of dollars nicer than this car…

  6. I gotta say that this new exterior design is not impressive. Its very fish-like. Agreed it does look good in good in dark colors. I don’t mind that interior it looks good, even the LE. Let’s see what the base price will be though.

    This segment is getting competitive though. Sales figures for last December’s sales shows Sonata (21,000) creeping up on both the Accord (24,00) and Camry (28,00). This better be priced right.

  7. I really don’t know how to say it, but it gives me some kind of Sonata feeling on the exterior…I know the grille and the rearlight is different looking, but the overall look pretty much the same as 2006 Hyundai Sonata or 2003~2005 Honda Accord…maybe it’s some kind of “fat” image of the car, which I really hate.

    I wonder if that dashboard is made up of cheap plastic…I am going to be so disappointed if it really is…

    Anyway, Toyota had done a good job, but not good enough for me, especially the fat-looking

  8. It’s like they bought a cheap graphics “morphing” application and merged the last two Camry designs together.

    Honda seemed to do the same thing with the previous generation Accord. It looked like a cross between the previous two generations.

  9. Apparantly the New Camry has a new model designation to admit their weakness, It’s called the Camry SLD, Which is short for SLUDGE

  10. Apparently there has been a huge increase of anti-Toyota trolls, which is highly correlated with Toyota’s increasing success.

  11. They are not trolls, they are anti-poor quality. Toyota has Quality issues, there’s no denying it. They have the worst record, YES record, meaning factual recorded information, of sludge issues. Check it out, do some research. It’ very easy to find. Then you can come back and apologize.Now go, do your research, I’m waiting you troll like brainwashed Toyota geek. Do you believe everything Toyota tells you?

  12. Let ’em have it mate. You are right on, all the Toyota fans call you a troll if they don’t like the facts. Very childlike! Toyota motor corp. finally after 4 years of complaints, has even admitted to this and is paying up, why won’t their supporters admit and then we can move on.

  13. Prove it. The worst record? Prove it.

    Every automaker has problems, they’re only human.

    GM has had sludge as well as piston slap problems before, and piston slap still remains on quite a few engines.

  14. Go back to your homework, it has to be done by tomorrow. Sounds like you need a slap yourself, I told you how to do a search on sludge ,now do it……..and do your homework, schools tomorrow

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