2007 Toyota Tundra

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Looks like the new Toyota pick up has the Ford F150 as its target.
I guess it does have the look most people are looking for in a full size truck.

After the new Camry, RAV4 and Yaris, this and the new Highlander and Corolla will make 2007 an amazing year for Toyota.
Their whole line up will be mostly brand new!

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  1. Toyota deserves to win, because they have built and designed some of the greatest cars on the road today. the new Tundra looks great!

  2. I am no Toyota disciple but this new 2007 Tundra has got all the right looks and moves.I’ve actually seen this beast and it looks a hell-of-lot more intimidating in person than it looks in these pics. Also from what I hear it out drives and out hauls the current F-150.

    This Tundra will most definitely deliver a major smack downagainst Ford’s F-150s market share. Imagine that?

    Who would’ve ever thought that this would happen? Remember, full size trucks are the last remaining segment that will eventually fall to the Japanese and Koreans. Can you see Toyota’s market share in the next 5 years? Yes. I’m feeling this.

    I definitely see a Toyota in Ford’s future.


  3. The titan was supposedly the death of the domestic pick up market as well. Mmmmmm………still waiting. Actually, the titan did not even reach conservative sales projections.

  4. “The titan was supposedly the death of the domestic pick up market as well. Mmmmmm………still waiting.”

    That’s because Toyota never gave up on this segment and are relentless even when they stumble, they learn. This is why they have been gaining market share year, after year over the domestics. The learn and learn all they can about their competitor then hit them where their most vulnerable.

    Don’t kid yourself into thinking Toyota will ever stop until they “own” this segment. They’ve already done it with the econo, midsize, full size and luxury lines. They are now gunning for a big win in the lurcative pickup truck segment.
    And based on what I know this Tundra will deliver the goods.

  5. I’m torn. On the one hand, American car companies deserve whats coming to them, after years of selling shit. But then again, the full-size truck was the only “good” product from the Americans, and I hate trucks, so, by default, I’m an import fan..

    Basically, I don’t want American to end up like the UK, where they have no car producers, just cottage companies that built high-dollar (or pound, if you insist) cars for the idle-wealthy.

  6. I know, can you believe the people who want to see American manufacturing decline. The UK is the perfect example. Look at the decline in their standard of living and economic influence around the globe. People really need to understand history so it is not repeated.

  7. It certainly is a nice looking truck, but right now Ford is king and Toyota is a pretender until they prove otherwise.

    Large Pickup Trucks are the one market segment where American manufacturers continue to innovate. Even GM, with its very old design, brought several innovations to their pickup line.

    Ford and GM dropped the ball on cars but Ford takes pickups more serious than anything (to their credit and detriment) They sell over 900,000 of them a year and Toyota will have enough capacity for about 100K to 200K per year. Ford shouldn’t worry as long as they continue innovating like they have been.

    GM on the other hand, should worry. They can’t get their new Silverado to market quick enough. At least is should look like the Tahoe and that is a good thing.

  8. The Titan will squash this Toyota pretender. Hey does it come standard with a sludge producing engine like every other Toyota?

  9. You all sound like Toyota sheep except the last guy, he tells it the way it is. Toyota will fall like GM and then all the sheep will scramble and settle with another. Grow up and have a real opinion. Toyota is like………You know, a new GM

  10. A full size truck with a gas-guzzling V8. Sort of plays hell with Toyota’s “green” image. Of course the SUV-hating lamestream media won’t point that out because it’s a Toyota.

  11. Well, it could have an impact on their green image, but we’ll have to see what they are offering. I’m betting a hybrid will be coming and we don’t know the drivetrain configuration yet. That truck could have something similar to GMs Displacement on Demand and the 8 speed from the new LS for all we know. We’ll just have to wait until Chicago.

  12. WOW 8 speed auto V8 hybrid with cyl deactivation. Looks like Toyota is about to open a can of green whoop ass on the F150.

  13. The Tundra will never sell anywhere near the number that Ford’s F-Series sells. At best it’s a niche truck that’ll scavenge along with the Titan at the fringes of the fullsize pickup market. Plus, there simply isn’t enough dime-store urban cowboy tree-hugging posers that Toyota can only dupe with yet another Tundra.

  14. To be honest I would never give my money to ford. They’ve released many unsafe products to market before, knowing fullwell that there would be deadly consequences.Such as the 1st gen ford bronco, or even the safety issues with the last generation full size F series trucks. Toyota wont wait for a lawsuit to make a safer or more reliable vehicle.

  15. Yes, kind of like how Toyota refused to issue a recall for the first-gen Lexus LS (CHMSL fires) until threatened with a lawsuit. Early RAV4s received abysmal crash scores from the IIHS, and had rollover rates higher than Ford’s Bronco. Than there’s the hazards of getting in an accident in one of their battery-packed hybrids. And let’s not forget how Toyota (as well as several other Japanese manufactuers) tried to blame “sloppy American drivers” for the failure of their seatbelt latches. Yessiree, I’m so glad Toyota’s watching out for our well-being.

  16. I said ford “Bronco” not explorer. They stopped internal safety testing on the 1st gen bronco because they feared for the test drivers safety, then sold that product to the public a few weeks later. im not talking about inconveniences, im talking about peoples lives. Or how about police interceptors gas tanks catching on fire or exploding in rear end collisions due to an irresponsibly placed bolt behind it. Turning a blind eye to this neither helps ford nor the thousands of people killed due to this lack of concern.
    P.S. there are studies and tests
    that prove hybrids are perfectly safe in collisions you just dont understand how this technology works.

  17. “The Tundra will never sell anywhere near the number that Ford’s F-Series sells.”

    Thats what they said about the Taurus 10 years ago.

  18. What, that the Tauras wil never sell anywhere near the number that Ford’s F-Series sells?

    And to the poster before you: bow down to the Toyota altar as you drink their Kool-Aid. They love people like you, drones who believe they are God’s gift to the automotive world. Toyota might be good, but they’re certainly not perfect.

  19. Never said they were perfect but the stuff they lie about such as the hybrids fuel economy, theyre 4.7L v8’s fuel economy, the interior volume of the seqouia and so forth isnt gonna kill me in a rear end collision or a rollover or a 40mph collision. Maybe youre just the kind of person that would rather be right than do whats right.

  20. “What, that the Tauras wil never sell anywhere near the number that Ford’s F-Series sells?”

    You are so dumb its funny.

  21. Toyota, toyschmota. I’m sick of these idiots that look at world through toyota coloured glasses. Listen up Toyota geeks – Fact- Toyota recalled twice as many cars this year than last. Fact – they have an engine sludge problem on a scale larger than any car company in history. Don’t respond in your usual childish fashion by calling me a bad name. Research these facts and if you find them untrue, then comment, if not, accept that Toyota is the Japanese equivalent of GM.

  22. the only safety issues US car makers have is that they are trying to save money using cheap foriegn parts and they pay for in the end.The same cars people are praising for being dependable and re-(lia)-ble also have the exact same parts!thats why it is funny when I hear people say dumb things and mistake them as a fact

  23. As a owner af a many GM cars,a toyota,and a ford, all the issues came down to the same things. Cheap parts from over SEAS!The most dependable being the GM’S!Only issues with the ford were, you guested it failing vendor parts! If you must know, a vendor is a part supplier. From over SEAS!

  24. A full size truck like this already has great hauling power, but you can still increase that power and do the raising and trimming of heavy loads more efficiently with a help from a warn winch

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