2007 Volvo S60

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Is it really worth it???
I cannot tell the difference with the current one
It is not a new design, but one of these lame “facelifts”.

Save your money…

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  1. meh. Volvos depreciate like a stone ever since they went FWD. Mint early 90s Volvo 240 wagons with lots of miles go for $5-6k. A 4 year old S60 cost $7k.

  2. OK the “so called facelifted” car u r talking about is the S80, which is what you have posted below this posting, and this is the S60… there is something wrong with this picture.

  3. but toyota can make a an all new car that looks like its old one, nissan can just do a face lift on its maxima and make it more boring, and they are fine, the japanese obsession has to stop. what about the slight face lift on the tsx, and rsx, or accord. wake up buddy…..

  4. Want to know why this car doesn’t look very different than the current model? Because it is the current model. This one has turn signals on the mirrors. That is a slight change for next year, I believe. The S60 will receive a major rework later.

  5. I’m digging the 1987 Taurus hubcaps

    As for the one who mentioned the japanese’ lame facelifts? Why does it matter? Volvo is a European car company, with Fords backing. Most of the time, I dislike the facelifts, because the details are fucked up. For instance, the Accord looks alot worse after the lift, and I’m less of a fan of the Z4 lift due to the taillights, minor, but like I said, details. MOst especially, I’m dissapointed with the E65/66 facelift. ITS GROSS. Ruined a perfectly gorgeous car and stuffed a goofy engine in it.

  6. Interesting. I think this picture is of either a 2005 or 2006 model. My brother has a 2005 S60. The grill, the bumper and fog lights, and yes, even the blinkers on the mirrors on his look exactly the same as this one. The only differences between them are the rims and the paint color (slightly). His is silver, and has some sort of “sport” package.

    Plus, I found a picture of a euro version of a 2007 S60 on a european web site. Call me crazy, but it looks like many characteristics of the 2007 S80 on this site (the tweeked-up corners of the headlights, the extention of the nose/grill/bumper towards the center, the smaller tail lights and “pulled up” rear bumper) are combined with profile of the current S60 to make up the 2007 S60. At least that’s what it looks like from the picture I saw/now have. The picture I have is of, either chop or real, a very nice looking car.

  7. I was wrong. My brothers 2005 S60; NO blinkers on the mirrors… They’re on the fenders. Everything else looks largely the same.

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