Alfa Brera Spider

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Again, first official pictures of a new Alfa. The all new Spider. This is the one that should bring them back to the US.

They also should use Dustin Hoffman and the Graduate soundtrack in the commercial…

(Hoffman did an Audi commercial last year, so why not…)

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  1. What a neat looking car. Looks better than the coupe.

    In the world of $299/month audi, this would be a great way to stand out among crowds. I’m guessing this baby pushes 40k euros?

    If they were to bring it here, it will be little awkardly positioned. The backseat looks useless so, this really is a 2-seater. Yet, it doesn’t look sporty enough to compete with Z4… but lacks the cachet and usable backseats of Mercedes CLK.

    But I think this car will sell well if they position it as a Solara alternative. I know that’s probably an insult to the Alfa management team, but seeing how the coupe weighs over 3600lbs, this convertible will weigh at least 100lbs more.

    It won’t be slow with 3.2 v.6 pumping out 250-260. But I don’t think it will be any faster than Solara, especially if it gets the new 3.5 like the new Camry.

    Again, the lack of backseat is a real deal breaker for this car.

  2. wow alfa romeo, and toyota camry comparison people have really lost their mind….., for one thing the clk, and z4 dont compete huge difference, the alfa wouldnt would go up against the z4, boxster, tt set with probably closer to the tt in competition because its fwd, with more focus on luxurybut certainly not a camry, comeon people a camry doesnt compete with everything….man get over toyota

  3. The 3.2 liter version of the Brera has 4WD while “lesser” versions have FWD. If Fiat decided to bring Alfa Romeo til the U.S. they would probably just bring the 4WD verison.
    And why are you talking about the back seat? The spider doesn’t have a back seat! The coupe is 2+2 but the cabrio is pure 2 seater just like the TT.

  4. Silly to compare Alfa and Toyota. Some of these people are too young to remember when Alfas were sold in North America.
    Did you notice that the roadster looks just like the wagon with the top off, from side view?

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