Alfa Romeo 159 Wagon

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That is one good looking wagon.
The sedan came out last year, but the wagon isn’t out yet. And there is still hope we might, one day, get this one over here.

I haven’t heard anything lately about Alfa’s return to the US. But it would be great to have this against the other premium Euroepan brand.
If they could try to price it just below Audi, they would have a chance.

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  1. is there a “luxury” market below Audi? They are the cheapest of the so-called premium German brands…

    That looks to be a very nice wagon. I would assume that the rear glass has more slope than is evident in these pictures, sorta like the Brera coupe. Looks better than the C-class wagon.

  2. Of course there’s a market for this type of vehicle, it would be the Volvo level pretty much. Also could go head to head with Acura and maybe something like the Passat. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if they bring it here.

  3. Ok, maybe there is a market for “Cheap luxury” but Alfa isn’t it. One review I read about the Brera coupe said that if sold in America, a model equiped like the one tested would be about $52K! Can you imagine paying that much for a 3-series coupe, or a V6 CLK? I can’t.

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