Alfa Romeo Spyder

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Already in the streets. Kind of…

Only a couple of parts are painted blue, but the rest is the production car.
Let’s hope this one finally comes over here.

I also noticed a weird looking black car in the 1st picture, accross the street….

Should Alfa return to the US, would any of you actually buy one?
I think they should follow what Audi did when they made a “comeback” after their 80’s problems in the US.
They priced the new A4 lower than Mercedes and BMW. ( It is now creaping back up).

Alfa needs to be cheaper than the Germans if they want to overcome they crappy reputation they aquired the last time they were over here.

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  1. They need to price is significantly lower than German counterparts.

    Maserati is actually using this strategy with their Quattroporte, and it’s slowly working. Of 2,100 cars they sold in 2005 to North America, 1550 were Quattraporte.

    To me, Quattraporte is a dirt bargain. You get a hand-made Italian luxo car with F1 sequential manual (who else offers that in a S-class sized limo?) with a Ferrari powertrain. All for less than $100k. The profit margin on this car must be a tiny fraction of what Ferrari makes on F430.

    But hey, Quattraprote is going for a premium because it’s in short supply. I believe Alpha can probably pull off of the same feat, but it must be a screaming bargain.

  2. The front and rear ends look nice to me, but I’m not convinced about the side view. The area where the hinged cover is for the soft top looks strange…not elegant or sporty. Also, the proportion seems off (overhangs). This is a 2 passenger car, right? If that is the case, its US competition is the Z3, SLK, and (new) TT convertible. That’s tough.

  3. I may be mistaken, but the strange black car across the street looks a lot like the previous Alfa Spyder, or whatever the previous generation of this Spyder was called.

  4. That rear deck is HUGE. You could land a helicopter on it. Hatchbacks usually look like that when you make a convertible out of them.

    Otherwise, its a great looking car, mostly because its based on a great looking coupe, and pretty good looking sedan.

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