Aston Martin Rapide

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More pictures of this 4 door Aston Martin concept.
And it still looks great.

The girls on the pictures don’t need the car to look good. And the car doesn’t need the girls either.. Why bother…

This would be the ultimate classy sedan. At any price.

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  1. I don’t even see a car in the first two pics? Where is it hiding? Maybe it is small enough to hide behind those hot chicks 😉

  2. Now this is a real 4 door coupe. Puts MB CLS to shame. But then again, is this thing ever going to be sold?

  3. its a solid, classy, good looking car. Its not as revolutionary as the CLS was, but then again, I’m a little jaded.

  4. that car is gorgeous there isnt a sedan that looks better than this at any price, anywhere. and not revoulutionary as the cls a car that mercedes itself desighned to compete with the likes of jaguar when they thought jaguar was going to a bigger threat them… its just what a e class should have looked like from the first place

  5. sure its gorgeous, but it looks exactly the same as the coupe. I wish aston would have done a little to change up the design.

  6. love the hot girls. the car is the same aston/jaguar for the past 10 years. except for 2 more doors. will someone wake ford up, the hotties alone won’t sell

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