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  1. look good.
    isn’t this the same as the pontiac G6 ? GM can compare that to the TL but they should sell it at the camry prices. 🙂

  2. Nice video, Vince. Thanks.
    Saw the Aura at the San Francisco Auto Show in November, but the car was behind ropes, so couldn’t sit in it.
    Beautiful car–let’s hope GM doesn’t screw it up or overprice it.

  3. The new Aura is a beautiful car, with a powertrain that is stunning in performance. Problem is, will people really consider this as a competitor to the TL? For noe, Acura dealers are a lot nicer in appearance than Saturn dealers. Acuras also have a better realiability record and a longer warranty. I’d love to own an Aura 3.6, but if I had the money, I’d take a TL with nav.

  4. Very nice, but I need to point out one thing. In the beginning of the video, the camera pans across some Aura literature, which states it’s a pre-production model. It also states that the pre-production model shown may differ from the actual production model. Not wanting to rain on anyones parade, it would seem therefore that the Aura in the video isn’t quite what we’ll see in the production version.

    Back in December, the actual production Aura was featured on Car and Driver television, in their spy reports segment. 2 excellent shots of a white 3.6, and 3 equally good shots of a black 3.6. And despite the camoflage, it looked like the actual production Aura may be even better looking than the concept or pre-production model in the video.

    One thing that surprises me is the lack of news concerning the Aura. Besides very little on the internet, there was no Detroit intro, so far nothing about a Chicago or New York debut, and the car goes on sale this summer. Even the Outlook has been announced for Chicago, according to the Chicago Auto Show’s website, but nothing on the Aura. That seems very odd. Very odd, indeed.

  5. Aura update: I just checked the Chicago show’s website, and it lists the Aura under production debuts. Oddly, it also lists the Vue Green Line, which debuted in Detroit, but no longer lists the Outlook. Either that was a mistake, or the Outlook has been pushed back to New York. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  6. When Vince said that they were considering it as competition for the Acura TL, my heart sank.

    Would you spend a 30K to 35K for a Saturn? I remember how Chrysler tried to convince us that 40K was resonable for a Pacifica or how VW tried to sell us on the Pheaton. You are what you are, don’t go too far beyond that.

    Now, if the Aura starts in the mid 20s and goes up to 33K, that’s a different story.

  7. Methinks some are getting too worked up at the thought of the Saturn Aura competing with the Acura TL. Does not the Hyundai Sonata compete with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord yet cost thousands less? Does not Lexus compete with the likes of Mercedes and BMW yet cost thousands less? I could go on and on, but you get the picture. The competition can target another car for any number of things, from refinement to level of equipment, without pricing theirs the same. Plus cars in a particular class (premium midsize, for instance) usually are priced within a wide range. Believe it or not, the top-of-the-line Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat and Audi A4 are all considered premium midsize, yet their prices are thousands apart. So GM seeing their Saturn Aura competing with Acura’s TL shouldn’t cause shortness of breath, heart palpitations or embolisms. I can see a nicely equipped Aura 3.6 selling for around $25000. Nonbelievers can scoff all they want, but I think this new-thinking GM sends the right message by having enough confidence in their new products to compare them to highly regarded cars like the TL, which is a good target in this price class. And let’s face it, what would people think if GM said they see the Aura competing with the Kia Optima?

  8. I think it would have been a smarter move for GM to say the Aura can take on the TL in terms of refinement and handling, yet costs thousands less rather than saying the Aura competes with the TL.

  9. I was at the Detroit show today. The Aura CONCEPT is on display, not production model, same as at last year’s show. My brother, retired GM chassis engineer, says Aura is G6 platform, and that it only looks like an Opel. It is not an Opel and shares no parts with any Opel.

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