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The 1 series coupe must be around the corner, because everyone is trying to guess what it’ll look like.
This latest German illustration shows us the M version. It could be powered by a 3.2 Liter V6 with 343 hp!

Amazing for such a small car.
I’m not a fan of the small BMW, but it would be great competition for the Subaru WRX and the Mitsubishi Evo. Both of these cars aren’t great looking either.
I guess when you want as much power as you can get, looks don’t matter so much anymore.

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  1. this pic of the 1 is nice, the others were pretty ugly, but i can say i like this car, but i agree with the other comment it will be very exspensive, i saw another performance model of the 1 series being tested, and the price on that car was i think a little over $40,000 in american dollars. which is crazy, this car would have to be at least 45,000, and that price no matter what it looks like whats the point

  2. European rates for cars are always higher. For instance, if you price a VW Golf in Europe, you’ll be looking at almost $30K, but here it costs $18K-$25K.

    This car looks alot better than the last “Cobalt Based” 1-Series pictres. The fast back improves the design of the car. Prices should be about $22K for a 120i or 125i then $28K for 130i, jumping up to $33K for the M1 (if they call it that even)


  3. BMW doesn’t us V6 engines, they use I6… and it is unlikely that they will call it M1 since they have already made a car with that name some years ago…

  4. The 1 series was a doomed concept from the very begining. Sales in europe are next to pathetic. Even in that market the 1 series is over priced. The 130i lost out to the Golf R32 by a wide margin in a comparison test and it was $7k more expensive than the VW. Not only does the Golf look better and have more interior space, but its also faster in the corners. BMW 1 series for teh lose. If the R32 is not your cup of tea, an STI or EVO are even cheaper.

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