Buick Enclave concept

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That is one good looking Buick. A good looking design, period.
(It shows the Chrysler Aspen that you CAN make a great looking luxury SUV)

This is still called a concept, but it is pretty much what we’ll get. One of these “fake” concepts…

The side reminds me a bit of the amazing looking Centieme concept from couple of years ago. But the whole thing has been toned down for production, and still looks great.
The interior is exactly what a Buick should be. Luxurious and modern, with just a bit of retro touches.

If anything can get Buick noticed again, this car should do it.

I just hope the other versions from Chevrolet and Saturn will have their own design…

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  1. It reminds of the lexus rx300 suv and it will probably be its biggest competitor. But definetly not as demure and its a far better design inside and out. They did a great job with this. If they are able to price it competitivly it will do great.

  2. the inside is good, but the outside….
    it looks like a VW Touareg slammed into the back of a Buick Lucerne. Gross.

  3. I gotta disagree. The exterior is stunning. The body bulges over the wheel arches give it graceful yet muscular look. Hell, even the portholes look good.

    Buick has a homerun here. I would still like to see some specs, but as it is, I think it is a vastly better looking car than the Lexus RX…

    I can’t wait to see the Saturn and GMC versions. These are the cars that GM really needs to get back on its feet.

  4. Garish. The interior is terrible…like a third grader designed it. So many curves and too much chrome. The exterior is also bad. The surfaces do not relate to the Lucerne, La Cross…what the hell? I don’t get it. Just my oppinion.

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