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The new Volvo convertible looks great in real life.

But is it worth around $12 000 more than the new VW Eos?
I don’t think so, but I’ll let you be the judges…

( I still think it shouldn’t be more than $30 000, not $40 000)

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  1. I think the C70 is worth the extra dough compared to the Eos.
    -better audio system
    -side curtain airbags in a CONVERITBLE
    -better active headrests..or should I say, Active Seats?
    -cooler looking interior (slim dash, available iPod white interior)
    -nicer back seat
    -larger interior

    I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference…

  2. I saw both cars in person:
    -Side curtains are available even in the New Beetle Convertible. So I would think the more expensice EOS has them.
    -Cooler interior is a matter of taste. Not worth $12 000. Materials in the EOS are as good as anything gets.
    -Back seat is larger in the EOS. More legroom. I had no problem sitting back there.
    -Interior of the Volvo is not larger.

    I still think the Volvo isn’t worth $12 000 more than the VW.

  3. I sat in the C70 and I was fine sitting back there, though I have not sat in the EOS. And you’re wrong about the side curtains. Side curtains are NOT available in the New Beetle Convertible…side combo bags are, which is what will be available in the Eos.

    But it seems as if you’ve always had a problem with the C70 MKII from when it first debuted…

  4. My only problem is the price.
    A great car, but not when it starts at $40 000.
    Especially when the EOS is so much cheaper.

  5. Yes, but that’s like comparing a 3-Series to a 6-Series. In this case, one vehicle is a premium convertible while the other is an entry-level luxury convertible.

  6. Not the same at all.
    The 6 is larger, has a bigger engine. It should be more expensive than the 3.

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