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This look better that I thought it would. (the red one looks stunning)

Just like the Mustang, it adds to the old design instead of just copying it.
Much better than the Challenger. The Dodge looks like it melted, next to the Camaro design.
The Chevy is more aggressive but also much more refined looking.

I hope they don’t change it too much for production. They claim they are waiting for reactions from the concept to go into production. But I think this is already under way.

I must say, I would buy one. I’m not a speed freak, so I’ll take a V6 and no spoilers.

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  1. why america is going backward with these sports car designs. mustang did it and now every body cheating the same concept….

  2. Reviving the Camaro is fine for middle-aged rednecks and their children raised on Dukes of Hazzard reruns, but how many nearly identical 60’s and 70’s Coke-bottle design-remakes must we endure? They were fine in the context of their era, but let’s move on. It’s 2006 for chrissake.

    It seems like Chevy is following a trend instead of leading it. No great surprise there.

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