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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth a thousand pictures.

(Vince Burlapp 2006)

So why don’t you click on the picture above and watch a movie. It might not stream, and take a little bit to start.
But it’ll be worth it, I hope.
It’s not Hi Def or anything, but it helps getting a better idea of what the new Mazda SUV looks like.

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  1. Hey vince!
    The rear seats (2nd row) did the backs of those seats recline at all? thanks for the video!!

  2. I sat in them, but I didn’t check that feature…
    I know the ones in the new RAV4 do.

    I’ll try to find out…

  3. cool!! thanks vince.. i saw something on the top of the rear seats by where the seatbelt comes out.. thanks again!!

  4. the black line is just a black line, it’s part of the interior styling…check Mazda’s website for more pics.

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