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Just a few more pictures of the new Daewoo, that might, just like the Daewoo Magnum did, end up here as the new Suzuki Verona.
I still think it is a waste to sell this car in the US as a Suzuki. Most people have never heard of the brand itself. It’s just not on the radar when people are looking for a mid sized sedan…

It should be a new Malibu. Or something. ( It will be sold as a Chevrolet in Europe)
Look at this interior!

It could have been a nice Oldsmobile….

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  1. I’ve seen this car in real life… dont ask me how cos i’d have to kill you… and i have to say, the interior is really impressive. It would be great sold alongside the Malibu in the States… Its too good to be a Suzuki. The exterior is good… better than the Malibu, but that car looks rubbish anyway…

  2. the dash looks alot like a Nissan Maxima to me with the broad, flat board, and the position of the nav screen.

    The brown leather looks nice, like an old bomber jacket or something.

  3. I agree the interior looks upscale and if GM is smart(?)this should be in the Malibu. But remember we’re talking about GM.

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